baby, you can light my fire

Last Wednesday night, Toronto’s fire fighters decided to start some instead.

To launch the annual Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar in support of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, 24 steamy real-life heroes stripped down to their skivvies for a cause. XS nightclub was jam packed with swooning ladies, cheering friends and other Toronto philanthropists.

My date for the evening was Claire LaRocca, a fellow PR girl. Excitement was palpable the moment we walked into the venue. When we arrived, the calendar signing was in full swing. The fire fighters stayed to write steamy messages on just-purchased calendars as long as they could, cheerfully chatting with partygoers. Although I picked up two calendars, a girl really needs just one (stay tuned to win the extra calendar!). This year’s calendar is doubly sexy, with twice as many fire fighters as previous years.

Not Taylor Lautner (you could have fooled me!)

Claire and I were lucky enough to head up to the media lounge (also the backstage area!) to interview one of the fire fighters and, subsequently, watch the guys oil up before heading onstage. Uncharacteristically for two PR girls, we also got a photo together!
[What we wore // Steph: DVF dress, Fendi bag (borrowed from Mom!) // Claire: Rachel Roy dress, Lida Baday belt, vintage accessories]

We met Mr. October, also known as Doug, as he was slathering himself with baby oil (the shiny stuff of choice, we were told). It was his first time at the rodeo and Doug was a little nervous. Terrified, in his own words. Doug decided to model in the calendar and perform at the launch not only to support cancer research at Princess Margaret but also to knock something off his bucket list. As one of the only men with a full head of hair (short-cropped was the style of choice), Doug also felt he was representing curly-haired guys in the service. As expected, he told us that every guy was there to put on a great show because they really identified with helping out the charity. Doug also described the photo shoot, done on one of the hottest days of the summer, as a ton of fun. For someone who fights fires as his day job, Doug seemed really excited that real fire was used during the shoot!

And now, what you’re all waiting for. Half-naked fire fighters! Click to scroll through the photos:

As you can tell, all the fire fighters were really committed to their acts and you could tell they were having a fantastic time. Acts ranged from sexy, to cheeky to the oh my. My favourites? I loved seeing the female fire fighter strip down to her sports bra to thunderous applause from the mostly-female crowd. The chocolate sauce-doused fire man was also very entertaining…even when chocolate sauce splattered into the audience and landed on my cheek. Occupational hazard, and all.

You’ll soon be able to buy your very own calendar online here, but wouldn’t it be better to win one? To win your very own copy of the 2011 Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar in support of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, leave a comment below or tweet

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UPDATE: the contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Meredith!
For anyone wondering – I use’s list randomizer to choose a winner. Completely easy and random!