Profess your love (online?)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re spending the day with someone special or not, there’s something to be said for living vicariously through others:

Barbie & Ken are back together!

For the past little while, we have been following these social media sweethearts as Ken performed romantic feats online and offline to get Barbie back (did you miss out? Find out what he did here). You may have even voted at to sway Barbie’s decision.  Mattel did a great job at making sure everyone who participated felt invested in the outcome (e.g. social media star Andrew Bartucci just tweeted: congrats to @officialken and @barbiestyle for getting back together and restoring my faith in humanity. #barbieandken)

While I’m 100% impressed by Ken’s outpouring of romance, he’s certainly not the first to use social media to make something wonderful happen.  As my Valentine’s gift to you, here are my favourite ways to profess your love online

How to say I Love You online:

1. You can say it on a blog (on cake pops, no less)

2. You can make your YouTube love letter go viral

3. You can tell the world using Google Maps Street View

4. You can send your love’s heart a-twitter by proposing with a tweet

5. You can go beyond just changing your relationship status on Facebook

If all else fails...there’s an app for that