Puppies + Internet = prizes

Love your pooch? Two cool Canadian contests are up and running with prizes that will let you spoil them senseless.

Chloe puts in tough days as an internet star (she’s got a Tumblr in the works!), so there’s nothing I’d love more than to win her a little something. Because, you know, she isn’t spoiled enough.

Love cold hard cash? Cesar’s Unlock the Joy contest enters you and your pup in a draw to win $1,000! As a bonus, you’ll also get a $2 coupon for the new Cesar’s dry food so your pooch can expand their palate. The Cesar contest needs to have 1,000 entries to unlock the prize, so upload your pic ASAP! The contest is currently approaching 900 entries.

Chloe was really excited that I entered her in this contest, since she’s pretty obsessed with Cesar treats.

Love swag? Sniff Out DealsWhat Makes Your Pet Unique contest is cat- and dog-friendly and has a grand prize worth over $300! The swag includes a gift basket worth $100 for your pet, your choice of a Canada Pooch dog jacket or a month’s supply of premium pet food, AND a $150 donation to your favourite animal charity!

The best part? They’re both super-easy to enter and you get to show off your pup to the internet at large!

Sounds pretty paw-some to me.

Disclosure: Cesar Canada is currently a client of mine. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. I’m sharing this information with you because it’s a great opportunity for you and your pet!