RSVP: Raise the Rhythm

On Wednesday October 1, treat yourself to an evening of music, dance and fashion at the third annual Raise the Rhythm charity event in support of the The Panov Program – Precision Chemotherapy for Sarcoma Cancer Research at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto. Along with celebrating Canadian talent, this charity event supports a cause very close to my heart.

The Panov Project - Precision Chemotherapy

In 2010, at the age of 55, my family doctor’s husband was diagnosed with abdominal sarcoma and given only a few months to live. Refusing to take this death sentence for what it was, Yaron Panov and his wife, Dr. Rochelle Schwartz set out in search of more treatment options. They landed on a treatment developed in Baltimore and Israel, Precision Chemotherapy.

Precision Chemotherapy is designed to greatly improve a cancer patient’s odds of survival. It is an innovative model for growing and testing human tumours in mice, providing oncologists with the best course of drug treatments for patients. The procedure involves extracting human cancer cells and the surrounding tissue, growing them in lab mice, and then testing various chemotherapeutic drugs to see which is best suited for that particular cancer, in that genetically unique individual.

It’s been nearly five years and thanks to Precision Chemotherapy, Yaron has been able to see his two sons graduate from university and begin their careers – one in medicine, the other in advertising. The Panov-Schwartz family is working tirelessly to bring this unique and lifesaving technology to Canada so others may benefit.

Please consider attending this year’s Raise the Rhythm event, featuring designer Whitney Linen and JUNO-nominated Vita Chambers.

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