I Dream of Burgers: Raw Juice Guru Cleanse, Day 1

Last night, I had vivid dreams of hamburgers. Burgers Priest, to be exact.

I’ve never dreamt of food before, but I’m pretty sure it was 99% due to the fact that I haven’t had solid food in a full day and my helpful coworker ended our end-of-day conversation by helpfully asking me if I wanted a burger.

Burgers Priest - Priest and Vatican - Stephanie Fusco
The Priest + The Vatican

I’ll start off by addressing the elephant in the room: why do a juice cleanse? Well, since I’ve been following a paleo diet since January 1, I felt it was important to give my body a break from the meat. Since I’m not eating legumes, grains or dairy, 95% of my protein now comes from animals. Enter Raw Juice Guru. I’d heard a lot about Eliane and her raw juice cleanse through some other bloggers and was curious to give her cleanse a try. I’ve enjoyed some juices from Benourished before, but was curious to see what drinking freshly-pressed juices would do for me. Also – it was one of my Rock the Resolution promises! Check.

This is what one day on Eliane’s Raw Juice Guru juice feasting cleanse looks like:

Raw Juice Guru Cleanse Day 1 Review - Stephanie Fusco

Between the hours of 5 and 8 am, the 8 juices arrived at my door in a cute orange cooler. The pretty colours made me hopeful – the juices were full of promise. Planning to drink a juice every 2 hours or so, I packed 6 in my bag (4 large juices + 2 elixirs).

Yesterday I drank:

#1: Cucumber, Spinach, Lemon, Apple, Ginger (general detox)
#2: Carrot, Kale, Apple, Cranberry (vibrant skin)
#3: Spirulina, Apple
#4: Apple, lemon, cucumber, beet, kale, romaine, ginger (liver detox)
#5: watermelon, lemon
#6: chlorophyll
#7: apple, lemon, cucumber, beet, kale, ginger, romaine (liver detox)
#8: cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple, ginger (general detox)

I also enjoyed a chocolatey detox tea – yum! Such a needed treat.

Raw Juice Guru - Day 1 - STephanie Fusco - Review

The thing I found the most surprising throughout the day was how long it took me to finish each of the larger juices. At 500ml apiece, each took me about an hour to finish, sometimes longer. I found I needed some water in between as well. By the time I’d finished a juice, it was almost time for another. The juices themselves are fairly tasty. I enjoy vegetables, so the earthy taste of some didn’t bother me. The only ones I had trouble with were the elixirs.

Raw Juice Guru - Chlorophyll elixir - Stephanie Fusco

The elixirs are very concentrated and I needed to chase the chlorophyll one with water. Blech.

Surprisingly, I didn’t drink all of my juices yesterday. I got home around 7 from work and had the detox tea and a steaming hot shower and felt very full and satisfied. I did give my 7th juice a try, but only got through a third of it.

Juicing at work
Juicing at work

I got in a little light exercise as well.

Raw Juice Guru cleanup

I dropped one of the bottles (sorry, Eliane). It took about an hour to clean up. By the end of the glass picking, vacuuming and mopping, I was done for. I slept like a baby from 11 until about 7:30 this morning.

As far as side effects go, I did feel some hunger and some nausea. I felt nauseous just before bed (probably from drinking juice my body didn’t want/need) and also felt colder than usual throughout the day. This morning, I weighed myself as per usual and noticed that I had lost about 1.2 pounds.

I’m halfway through Juice 1, Day 2 now and am excited that there are some new juices on my list for the day. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update! Make sure to follow me + Raw Juice Guru on Twitter to stay posted on my progress throughout the day.