Joining the Juice Crew: Raw Juice Guru Cleanse, Day 2 [Review]

You might say I’m now a juice convert. Last Wednesday, I completed day 2 (and my final day) of the Raw Juice Guru cleanse [read my day 1 review of Raw Juice Guru here]. Today, I’m beginning a smoothie challenge with the lovely Shannon Kelly (more on that later).

My second day of the Raw Juice Guru cleanse was easier than the first – I had less veggie-only juices and got to enjoy two delicious fruit-based juices that got my energy up and made me quite the happy camper. I felt light and well-rested, but found I was drained by the end of the day. Although I was scheduled to complete three days of the cleanse, I got scheduled in for two client meetings and knew I wouldn’t be able to follow through with the juices. Eliane was very helpful and understanding and told me to stay raw/veggie if I could.

Benefit Canada core colour event Beautezine

Let’s just say I was good until I took a trip upstairs to the Benefit Canada Core Colour party. Forgive me, Eliane.

Overall, I felt great after my Raw Juice Guru cleanse. One thing I noticed was that when I did start eating normally again I was better able to listen to my body’s natural cues – I found myself stopping before overeating and craving more fruits and vegetables. Coincidentally, my mom also picked up a Vitamix for us late last week and I spent the weekend doing amazing things with it like making almond milk! I also did things like eating turkey burgers and sweet potato fries at the Flying Beaver with Shannon, but that’s a story for another day.

homemade almond milk - stephanie fusco

That’s what homemade vanilla bean cinnamon almond milk looks like. Quick, easy, delicious.

In an effort to continue eating healthfully and to keep the juice benefits going, Shannon Kelly and I are spearheading the #SSsmoothie Challenge this week.

How to participate:

For the next five days…

  • commit to drinking one smoothie each morning for breakfast
  • No coffee! Tough, we know.
  • Instagram/Tweet your juice to the group each morning using the #SSsmoothie hashtag
  • Email me with your favourite recipe (and a pic) at the end of the week at so I can share it with everyone! You can also comment below with your recipe to inspire us!

green monster vitamix - stephanie fusco

Happy Smoothie-ing. My Day 1 smoothie had enough homemade almond milk to cover the blades of my Vitamix, a few handfuls of kale + spinach, a banana, a full granny smith apple + some strawberries. Yum!