Relax, Reset, Recharge (Recap!)

The last few weeks have been the ultimate whirlwind. We launched a big campaign at work (maybe you’ve heard of it) that has, to be completely honest, taken up 99% of my time. Not too much time left over for this little blog or for my personal Twitter feed. One glance at my social media accounts shows blatant binge activity – tons in a short time then radio silence. If you’re wondering, yes, I love it.

During the craziness, I’ve become even more grateful of all the little things that have kept me going… like this delicious #CupcakeWednesday (delivered on a Thursday!) cupcake from Alex Conde. If you’re ever curious how trustworthy your coworkers are, get a cupcake delivery while you’re away from your desk. Foolproof test.


I’m pretty easy to please. Other things that make me happy: having the most delicious ice cream in tiny baseball caps at the Jays game with my boyfriend. This was the night I ran into pretty much everyone I knew while on a double date with one of our favourite couples, Luke & Amy. In the span of a few hours, I saw a long-lost friend from first year at Queen’s, a couple of buddies from PR school & High Road Communications and even some Queen’s MIR grads.


Suffice to say, the long weekend couldn’t come quickly enough. The nature of my job means that I’m “on” pretty much all the time, but I was able to step away from the social media long enough to get my relaxation on – even just a little. I headed out to Collingwood to our place in the Blue Mountain Village with some friends for fun in the sun, Menchies + a little antiquing. The morning I left, the loveliest package arrived from Hawaiian Tropic.


There’s nothing quite like a well-appointed and ridiculously useful mailer. I’m the fairest Italian you ever did see (seriously, guys – when’s the last time you saw a Sicilian with freckles, milky skin and the ability to turn lobster-esque after 20 minutes in the sunshine?), so this combination of hydrating sunscreen, after-sun and self-tanner made me the happiest girl. I can’t wait to give the self-tanner a try. Also included were pink lemonade (!!), an adorable fedora, a cactus (almost guaranteed to escape my reign of plant-killing terror) and a smoothie cup! I got really giddy about the fedora – I’ve always wanted one but feel like a dork buying hats like this – and the pink lemonade and made sure to put both to good use the second I hopped in the car for my journey.


See all this mint/Tiffany blue? It’s foreshadowing – just you wait. I’d bought the camel-printed shirt at Anthropologie earlier that morning with my mom + the shade on my nails is Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robin. Many more mint things were soon purchased. On the way up to Collingwood, we popped into a shop in Stayner I can’t pass by without a visit – the East End Vendor’s Market. I picked up a gorgeous mirror along with a set of glass perfume bottles for under $50. Inspired by my success – and driven by our mid-twenties nesting urges, we trekked out to an antique market in Thornbury on day 2 where I managed to find a set of vintage Tiffany blue Pyrex, beautiful Crown jars from the early 1930s, an antique glass Listerine jar and the perfect gift for my boyfriend – a Mike Harris campaign pin. Not a bad haul for a first-timer!


I’ve found myself gravitating towards antique items over the last few years, inspired by Pinterest, my antiques-loving boyfriend and ladies who share my design aesthetic, like the lovely Jamie Leigh who runs Toronto-based vintage Etsy shop, Fawn and Filigree. I’ve been browsing her shop like nobody’s business over the past year and am thisclose to cleaning her out of her Crown jar collection. I’m already getting the treasure-hunting urge again, so if you’re an antique-lover please give me some suggestions for where to look in the comments!


My new goodies are right at home with the vintage apothecary bottles I received from my boyfriend as an anniversary gift last year and also make my dresser feel more like a vanity. Forced organization, folks! The only way to convince me something’s worth keeping in order is to make it look pretty first.


The weekend came to an end with another set of my favourite happy-makers: a bonfire, sparklers and boyfriend!

I can’t wait to get some writing in this weekend – I have a lot to share with you guys, like the amazingness of Amazon’s new Beauty & Personal Care shops along with some wicked summer beauty buys. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient during the radio silence!