Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués Review

When you get engaged, everybody wants to look at the ring. Especially the ladies. Along with my shiny new bling, I’ve also been showing off a little something extra on my paws for the last few weeks. Thanks to the ladies at Revlon Canada, I’ve been testing out the brand new (and covetable) Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Nail Appliqués. These nail wraps are the most luxurious I’ve ever tried and have driven my coworkers to obsessively check the various drugstores in our work ‘hood for their own set.

Revlon by Marchesa full collection review & swatches

The Revlon by Marchesa 3D Nail Appliques are currently available in 6 different designs, with two more hitting stores later this year. I was sent Royal Burgundy, Crown Jewels, Evening Garnet, 24K Brocade, Gilded Mosaic and Jeweled Noir and have given 24K Brocade and Royal Burgundy a go so far.

Revlon By Marchesa Collection

Each package contains a mini file, buffer and cuticle stick along with 18 of the UV-cured nail appliqués. These are technically ‘stickers’ and not ‘polish strips’. A huge plus here is that since they’re not polish strips they will not dry out once you open the pack. Yes, you’ll actually be able to use up your extra appliqués – great bang for your buck!

Revlon by Marchesa Package Contents Review

The process itself is pretty easy:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails that have been filed into your preferred shape and buffed. Swipe them with polish remover to ensure all dirt & oils have been removed – this will help the appliqués stay on longer.
  2. Select the size that best fits your nail. Go a bit bigger if you can.
  3. Peel the applique off the clear sheet and press it onto your nail, starting by securing it at the base of the nail and gently stretching it over the free edge of the nail. Smooth it onto the nail and use the cuticle stick to secure the edges.
  4. Using a gentle, downward motion, file off the excess at the edge of the nail.
  5. Seal with your favourite topcoat if you’d like.

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art Review Revlon by Marchesa Application Revlon  by Marchesa 24k Brocade nail applique review

Revlon by Marchesa 24k Brocade Swatch

You can see my application above wasn’t the best. Take your time when you’re using these appliques – the right application will really ensure that your manicure lasts a long time. The one above lasted a total of 30 minutes. Not only did I get my nails wet almost immediately (a no no for many stickers – try to give them at least half an hour to settle) but I also made popcorn with coconut oil. Coconut oil that may have gotten under the stickers and made them slide right off. Oops.

For my second round of applications, I made sure to watch Leanne Colley’s how to video on beautygeeks. It really made all the difference. Check out the video below then keep reading to see how much improved my second mani was:


Doesn’t Leanne make it seem so easy? Her tips improved my manicure 150% – everyone on Instagram both swooned over the beauty of the Royal Burgundy appliqués and commended my application skills. The edges are perfectly rounded and snag- and/or tear-free (winning!). This is a far cry from my original attempt – I had serious concerns about the quality of the wraps after attempt #1 and am so glad the issues turned out to be completely user error. Hooray!


Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy Swatch

This application lasted 5 days and probably could have lasted a bit longer. After 5 days, there was visible tipwear if you looked closely. From afar, it didn’t really look like I had any chips/wear. To extend this even further, I could have swiped the tips with a burgundy polish and sealed with a topcoat. But, let’s be honest….after 5 days of any manicure I start to get a bit of cabin fever.

Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy 5 days

Removal is really simple – all you need to do is gently peel from the corner near the cuticle and the sticker will come right off. Since I’d sealed with a topcoat, I brushed each nail lightly with polish remover before pulling the appliqués off. I was left with some sticky residue, but it was easily removed with a bit more polish remover.

Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy Swatch 5 Days

If you’re looking for an affordable, long-lasting, awe-inspiring manicure with minimal effort, I would 100% recommend Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques. They pack a lot of wow-factor into your manicure and can be used so many ways. With 18 strips in each pack, you’ll find yourself with plenty left over for accent nails or to be trimmed and used as half-moons/tips. They can be worn over existing polish or on bare nails and can last upwards of 5 days. I know I’ll be stockpiling these as soon as I spot them in stores for the holiday season – there’s no better way to dress up your LBD (or Christmas morning PJs).

***Disclosure: I was provided with 6 sets of these appliques for review and editorial consideration. As always, I’m sharing them with you because I think they’re awesome and hope you’ll love them, too. ***