Rock the Resolution: read more blogs

Are you ready to Rock the Resolution? More on that here, but I’m starting you off with an easy one.

If you’re here, it’s because you probably like to read blogs. Good for you! Finding new blogs that are actually worth reading can be a draining process, so I’ve taken the guesswork out for you. Think of this list as a carefully curated stumbleupon – these blogs are Steph-approved (a tough stamp of approval to achieve!) and I know they’ll get even better in 2013.
Have a blog you think I should be reading? Leave me a comment and I’ll take a look!

Otter Nonsense

This is a baby blog (only a few weeks old!) launched by my friend Brigid Towler. Brigid and I met at a book launch two years ago and I’ve been following her metamorphosis into a vegan foodie ever since. She cut her teeth on recipes from Oh She Glows and is now whipping up deliciousness of her own over at Otter Nonsense. Also, her apartment and boyfriend make frequent appearances and are as adorable as she is. Bookmark, read, love. (No pressure or anything, Brigid, but I’m expecting amazing this from this little bloggy)


Happy or Hungry

Lindsey Evanoff is pretty much the most hilarious person I’ve met. Her blog, appropriately, is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen on the internet. That is saying a lot since, as a community manager, I’m pretty much on the internet looking at cats all day long. Happy or Hungry is the home of food, fitness, friends and hilarious cartoons drawn by Lindsey! I’m not really quite sure how to explain it other than to say you should read it and oh, that cartoon over yonder? She drew it. She also became internet famous this year for her epic faceplant/piggyback/wedding+groomsman debacle that went kind of viral on YouTube.

(See my past adventures with Lindsay here: the first time we met! / Ballet Bootcamp + Chobani = good times / Firkin Pubs = yay


Ok, so you probably know about this site unless you’ve been living under a rock and/or hate beauty products, but I had to share Jessica Desjardin‘s brainchild anyways. Jess is one of the only full-time beauty bloggers I know, something that’s ridiculously evident when you visit her site. She reviews + swatches entire collections, vlogs, creates lookbooks and so much more. I often find myself scrolling through Jess’ blog for reference when I’m out hunting for new beauty goodies – it’s that informative. It’s hard to find product bloggers that are trustworthy, but Jess definitely makes the grade.

That look to the left? It actually sent me running to the store for the entire collection. She’s that good.

Coveted Classics

I’m pretty sure Carolyn Desrosiers and I share a spirit animal, one that loves classic, covetable items and shiny things. We were deemed a match made in heaven by Toronto wedding singer + vocal/piano teacher Kat Langdon and I’ve been following her blog ever since. She avoids the plight of many style bloggers: homegirl is not pretentious in the slightest and her outfit photos aren’t immaculately framed + edited. Carolyn is real, stylish and reasonable – you can’t help but like her and want to dress like her.

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What are your must-read blogs?