Rock your body with LUSH

I don’t know about you, but I’m an instant fan of any gift set that makes me and my coworker bust out into Justin Timberlake and/or BSB. That’s exactly what happened when the extremely fragrant Rock Your Body kit from Lush Cosmetics arrived at my office last week.

DSC02775 copy

Before I show you the contents of this pretty little box, let’s have a little sing-along.

Ahhh, don’t you feel amazing now? There’s nothing like some dirrrty pop to cleanse the soul. LUSH’s new limited-edition Rock Your Body kit is full of skin savers to help transition your skin routine into the fall. It’s also partially customizable – while each kit contains Lush’s cult classic Dream Cream and a Sugar Scrub, you can choose your own soap (online) or massage bar (in-store) and dusting powder to pair with them.

Here’s the checklist for my kit:


This little kit couldn’t have come at a better time. You may remember that I got a bit of (OK, a lot of) a sunburn during my trip to South Beach. While all was good & dandy for awhile, I started peeling just before the long weekend which has been mega-brutal and mega-disgusting. I’ve pretty much spent the entire weekend doing the exfoliate/rinse/moisturize/repeat.


DSC02778 copy

L-R: LUSH Dusting Powder in Vanilla Puff / LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids soap / LUSH Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion / LUSH Sugar Scrub

What I love most about LUSH products is that they’re so natural and delicious-smelling. Honey I Washed The Kids soap is a bar of buttery toffee & honey deliciousness. WIth moisturizing properties like honey, water & aloe it’s perfect for over-sunned summer skin. From the reviews online, this is also great for dry winter hands. Count me in. You can pick your very own soap for this kit, choosing from Honey I Washed the Kids, Sultana of Soap, Sexy Peel, Demon in the Dark and Dirty Soap.

How cool do the other soaps look?!


LUSH Sugar Scrub was by far the smelliest item in the box. It’s smelly in a good way, of course, with Fair Trade sugar, stimulating fennel and ginger and calming lavender. This little scrub half-ball exfoliates in a big but gentle way. I love how smooth the citrus oils make my skin feel afterwards, like I don’t even need moisturizer Make sure not to get it under running water or you’ll have a bit of a mess on your hands. This may or may not have happened to me. I’m sorry, little scrub.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.37.39 PM

To lock in moisture, Rock Your Body also includes LUSH’s cult classic Dream Cream: a calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile to care for irritations, reduce redness, and banish blotches. Including olive oil and cocoa butter to soothe dry and chapped skin, Dream Cream is extremely gentle and great for those with sensitive skin. This isn’t my first time at the Dream Cream rodeo – this is often one of the first products you’ll leave a LUSH store with should you follow your nose and venture inside. While it’s incredibly moisturizing, I do find that I need to work a little extra to get it to absorb (something that’s common with more natural products). It’s currently working its magic on my peeling skin and doing a fantastic job, though.

Last but not least is a LUSH Dusting Powder. This is a product I’d never ever tried but now feel like I might not be able to live without. It’s basically grown-up baby powder but with amazing staying power and no clumping. I love products with multiple uses and this is definitely one of them. You can use LUSH Dusting Powder all over your body after a bath or shower, sprinkle a little in your shoes to keep them fresh, puff some onto your sheets for a luxe sleep, rub some into your roots as dry shampoo or even use it to avoid the dreaded chub rub. Boys, if you’re still here, look away. Ladies – chub rub is a real thing and I’m betting you suffer from it at least a little. If your legs touch at all, you need this. Smooth a little on and you’ll be good to go through the sweaty summer days and nights. It’s like pantyhose without the hose. Thanks to this + Honey I Washed The Kids, I smell like dessert…in case you were wondering.

The Rock Your Body kit retails for $25.95 and can be purchased in-store or online. It’s only supposed to be available until August 30 (I know, I’m slow) but it was still available here last time I checked. Alternately, you can always buy the products individually and make your own little kit. Do a dance to JT for good measure.

How would you customize your Rock Your Body kit?

***Disclosure: This kit was sent to me for editorial consideration & review. As always, I’m sharing these products with you because I love them and think you will, too!