Safe Haven is a safe bet for a romantic evening or girls’ night [review]

Looking for a romantic flick that isn’t a sentimental sap-fest? Rochelle Latinsky, one of my Safe Haven Toronto Premiere contest winners saw the movie on Monday night and was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. The movie’s in theatres on February 14th (Valentine’s Day!), but here’s your sneak-peek review.

I had the opportunity to go see Save Haven at the Canadian premiere on  January 21st  (thanks Stephanie). When I watched the trailer I determined that my filmmaker boyfriend wouldn’t be into seeing the movie, so I asked a good gal pal to be my date for the premiere.  I’m going to be blunt here; The Notebook didn’t do it for me. I’m more of a feel good sports movie gal then one to instantly reach for one that’s super romantic.

I do however like to celebrity gawk as much as the next pop culture obsessed GenY-er, and the draw of the movie’s stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough being there to walk the red carpet plus a bit of a Q&A with the audience is what really drew me to the event. After grabbing our seats, I doubled back to watch the stars get interviewed by media and almost got blinded by the camera flashes. I couldn’t take any of my own creeper paparazzo style photos because they took our phones away, so I took a mental picture and returned to my seat in the super comfy AVX theatre.


Photo cred: contest winner Rema Gouyez of The Burgundy Book

Aside from the movie stars, the real reason for me being at the Scotiabank Theatre was to actually see a movie.  Given my unfamiliarity with the book and the previously mentioned aversion to romance movies, I went in with zero pre-determined expectations for Safe Haven.

The movie kept me guessing at every turn. From the second Katie (Julianne Hough) shows up on screen in a panic, to the moment that she caught Alex’s (Josh Duhamel) eye, I was completely enthralled. Julianne Hough’s acting chops shone and it was nice to see her in a role where she didn’t sing or dance right through the film. The director Lassie Halström also took care to not treat the story like every other overly sentimental romance movie.

I think that my even film snob of a boyfriend would be into this movie and I might even take him to see it when it is officially released. So grab your boyfriends or even a group of gals to go see Safe Haven.

Thanks again Stephanie and Alliance Atlantis  for a great evening.


Rochelle Latinsky

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