Shop Local! Pink Saturday at Bayview Village

As much as I love Black Friday deals, the frenzy they can cause always feels a bit much for me. Even as a huge consumer, the buy buy buy nature always gets to me, just a little bit. When I can, I love to shop Canadian and support local designers, which is why I’m so pumped that my favourite shopping destination is highlighting their many local designers today on Pink Saturday!


“It’s a day when we’re encouraging more meaningful shopping, drawing focus to the designers and craftsmanship behind it all versus searching for bargains and “getting more for less”.  The merchants at Bayview Village are people like you and me who live in the GTA.  Their children go to school with your children, they’re local business owners who live and work in our community and they’re part of our haute family here at BV.  We want to support them!” – Melissa Evans-Lee, Marketing Director

If you’re looking to add some amazing pieces to your closet or pick out some quality luxury goods, you need to stop in to Bayview Village today to shop these celebrated Canadian businesses. You’ll want to pop into King’s Crown, Judith & Charles, Hayley Elsaesser, NEAT, Andrews and Franco Mirabelli – they’ve all lent their names to the Pink Saturday cause!

If you’re still hankering for a deal, I have it on very good authority (aka I strolled the mall last night) that Pink Tartan and Hayley Elsaesser are having some great sales on amazing, luxurious Canadian goods!