#SkinnygirlTO + Blue Jays = ultimate girls’ night

I’m going to share a little secret with you today. I’ve discovered the perfect recipe for a girls’ night. It goes a little something like this:

The Drake Hotel + Skinnygirl bevvies + life-changing sushi + LuxSpa mini manicures + The Blue Jays = the ultimate girls’ night

Seriously – imagine packing all of that into one night!

We started off the evening at the launch of a brand new line of Skinnygirl beverages at the Drake Hotel, sipping on barely-caloric margaritas, sangria and rose (and eating the most amazing sushi. I will be back, Drake Hotel. Count on it.). Skinnygirl bevvies, the brainchild of Bethenny Frankel, take the drinks we know & love to imbibe and magically reduce the calories. Kind of reminds me of that awesome scene from The Sweetest Thing:

Along with the original margarita, new ready-to-serve drinks already in-store include white wine sangria (amazingly tasty – my fave) and white cranberry Cosmo. Later this summer, keep your eyes peeled for the rose, white wine, red wine, white peach margarita and a line of vodkas on your local LCBO shelves. These light, tasty beverages will definitely be on the menu for the many poolside girls’ days I plan to host!

Lux Spa (love them!) was also on hand to provide mini-manicures and had my favourite new shades on hand – OPI’s Vintage Minnie Mouse collection! Claire opted for If You Moust You Moust and I gave I’m All Ears a go. You’ve already heard about my love for If You Moust You Moust, and I’m All Ears was also love at first sight. It’s the ultimate party girl polish, with it’s pinky-red hue and micro glitter.

Don’t our nails look awesome? Thanks to PRAXIS for the invite and for managing to put all of my favourite Toronto ladies in one place. Spotted: Christine Estima, Meg Button, Casie Stewart, Miranda Voth, Tiffany Mealia of She’s So Savvy, Shannon HunterLisa from HUG and my favourite relationship expert, Jen Kirsch.

To cap off our evening, we headed to the Jays game – possibly my favourite thing to do this summer. I’ve never sat so close and it was definitely an experience – hello, heckling!

How will you be spending your summer?