Sneak Peek: HomeSense Privé [+ $100 giveaway!]

One of my favourite pastimes is heading to one of my favourite HomeSense locations for a quick peruse. OK, who am I kidding…it’s usually at least an hourlong trip. Especially if I make it to Laird or Vaughan Mills. But I digress…

Especially since moving into our condo just over a year ago, I’m always on the hunt for that one little item that will make our space more functional and more beautiful. Usually that falls into the “all the mirrors and tiny decor items and organizational baskets” realm, but I’m so excited for the start of HomeSense’s Privé event.


Yes…this is as exciting as it looks. Starting in select locations on September 15, HomeSense will be offering a collection of high-end small electrical appliances. Now, I can’t spoil all the surprises – they only gave me a few hints – but I can tell you that you’ll be finding blenders, juicers, humidifiers, vacuums and more. And they all brands you’d *love* to have in your home.


HomeSense kindly sent along this beautiful Rowenta Delta Force Extreme 18-Volt Lithium-Powered Cordless Stick Vac – yes, that’s a mouthful – as a sneak peek at what’s coming to stores.


Let me tell you – this little guy is my new secret weapon for keeping our condo clean. I’m not sure how I lived this long without a cordless vacuum cleaner, but it’s a serious game-changer. This Stick Vac holds a charge for about 45 minutes, which means it’s perfect for making sure our living area is spic & span.


Along with being lightweight, I love that it has a light along the front of the vacuum (even if it confirms my suspicions that our condo is never clean for longer than 15 minutes) and is bag-less. Have I mentioned it fits under every nook & cranny and into corners beautifully? If the quality of this is any indication (and it definitely is), we’re in for a real treat when the Privé event begins on the 15th!


If you’re as excited about the launch of HomeSense Privé as I am, get ready to head to one of these locations across Canada starting September 15.

ALBERTA: 4896 32nd Ave North West, Calgary / 136 – 8228 Macleod Trail South East, Calgary / 3411 Calgary Trail North West, Edmonton BRITISH COLUMBIA: 1000 Main Street, West Vancouver ONTARIO: 17940 Yonge Street, Newmarket / 957 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto / 5935 Mavis Road Unit 5, Mississauga / 1840 The Queensway, Etobicoke SASKATCHEWAN: 130 – 3047 Clarence Ave South, Saskatoon QUEBEC: 9650, Boul Leduc Quartiers DIX30, Brossard

There are a few new appliances on my wishlist, so you can bet I’ll be heading over immediately to make sure I get my hands on some of the new offerings! And…since I got that Kate Spade skirt up there for only $40 at the outlet (I KNOW), I have a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket.

To help you get started on your HomeSense Prive shopping trip, one lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to HomeSense! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win. Make sure to follow the directions carefully! I will be disqualifying those who do not play by the rules. 

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[disclaim]This post is kindly sponsored by HomeSense. I’ve partnered with them because – spoiler alert – I really love them and think you will, too! I’m genuinely super excited about this launch & can’t wait to shop it myself.[/disclaim]

  • RazKassam

    the best thig I found at homesense is always a comforter set.. they always have the best bang for the buck.. only place I ever go for new sheets and bedding

  • RazKassam They really do have the best bedding! We’re doing a decorating challenge with Youth Without Shelter next week and I’ll be going to HomeSense to look for a well-priced and stylish bed set 🙂

  • amandaquah

    I bought a really awesome black leather sofa bench to put at the foot of my bed and it also doubles as storage inside! It was super inexpensive and even my friend loved it so much they went and bought it themselves! I would like to get a humidifier for my room to prepare for the upcoming dry winter! My hair and clothes always get so much static!

  • TheGlitterGeek

    The best thing I’ve found at HomeSense is my vanity mirror! Also a kitchen knife hahaha.

  • rochlatinsky1

    I found a super expensive pan with lid on clearance for next to nothing. I’m hoping to buy a toaster oven,

  • Well, I once found this crazy looking king’s chair. It was literally a throne and it was amazing. But alas, I had nowhere to put it so I had to let it slip away.

  • starsinthecity

    I have to pick one best thing? Uhm… all of the kitchenware items and picture frames – both are always a great steal for really good quality.

  • ElaishaJade

    Best thing I’ve found is a gorgeously detailed grey sofa. Oh and my favourite candles…haha and a standing lamp. I’m kind of obsessed.

  • stellahklee

    HomeSense is my go to for anything and everything – throw pillows, bedding, candles, decor and even stylish doggie waste bags (yes, I went there)… The next small appliance I have my eyes on is a toaster oven!

  • zachbussey I can’t handle when I find things like that. If only we had a house and not a condo…

  • amandaquah The humidifiers look SO FANCY. Their storage solutions are unreal – I always find the loveliest items!

  • KayleyFC

    I haven’t gone to HomeSense before, but I’ll be moving to a new apartment soon and that seems like a great time to check the store out. 🙂

  • ameliamariaa

    The best thing I got at homesense was a Sunnylife cactus candle haha, best $12 spent. I would DIE if I could pick up a espresso maker at an affordable price.

  • bonitafong

    I bought my grey and white comforter set at HomeSense! Best investment as it is the softest thing you’ll ever sleep in! I’m hoping to get some new lamps or possibly a nice chair for my new apartment! 🙂

  • ddeestefano

    Every room of our condo has been hit by HomeSense! I was there pretty much every week when we moved in. Happy to know my local store (Etobicoke is part of this!)

  • stellahklee You are HomeSense GOALS. You always find the best stuff!

  • starsinthecity I always leave with at least one little kitchen item…recently I spotted a bunch of Kate Spade pots & pans!

  • ElaishaJade I think we need to start a HomeSense anonymous support group 😉

  • LauraMcL

    My fave find is acrylic storage boxes for my makeup. The item I could grab from Privé would def be the rowenta vacuum — I am tired of trying to do our stairs with our massive Hoover!

  • voxielle

    Homesense and Marshalls are my guilty pleasures! I can always find things that I need 😉

  • voxielle I always find things I need…and things that I really don’t need but are too pretty to pass up. Last year I swear I went to 5 different locations to buy deer decorations for the holidays! I have quite the collection now…

  • LauraMcL We also have a big name-brand vacuum but I find it’s a lot of work just to do 800sqft. Great for a big clean, but for everyday use – and the kitty litter! – this one is amazing!

  • ameliamariaa The espresso machine in the press materials looks suspiciously like the one we have at home…so I can definitely say that the brands look AMAZING.

  • KayleyFC You might want to save yourself…. once you go in there, you won’t be able to stop! 😉

  • ddeestefano I wish I had thought to source more of our items from HomeSense! I’m still there on an almost-weekly basis, just to ‘look’. And it gets worse around the holidays…

  • bonitafong They always have the BEST one-off chairs.

  • samanthakait

    love wondering homesense for inspiration for our new home! Always walk out having spent too much!!

  • veroparisi

    I love Homesense! As a new condo owner it’s always my first stop for inspiration, such a guilty pleasure. My favourite find is a really great chef’s knife that i love, since i do a lot of cooking. Hoping to get my hands on a toaster or hand blender very soon.

  • jemrah

    i have only been in Home Sense a few times – i have picked up a few Christmas gifts there, but never anything for myself! I would love to pick up a new kettle!

  • Debbie S.

    I love homesense! The best thing I ever found was for Halloween. It is a witch that stands about 2 and a half feet tall, and the eyes turn red and she cackles when you clap your hands or make a loud noise. A big thunderstorm has been known to make her cackle in the closet  (she now lives in a tote downstairs when not on display for halloween).

  • WhiteCabana

    Who couldn’t use some extra cash for Home Sense? Like many, it’s my go to spot for gifts, accessories, towels, cooking supplies, etc. P. S. The skirt was a total score Stephanie!

  • The best thing I’ve ever found at HomeSense?? How can I choose? I love my vintage looking bird pillow. It brightens my day everyday!

  • Spiced Beauty in Toronto <3

    Last year, I found these awesome copper reindeers! I’m obsessed with them! They will hopefully become a hand me down later.

  • melg

    Love HomeSense! The best thing? Basically all the dreaming I do picturing each item in my home 🙂

  • Spiced Beauty in Toronto <3 I thought I bought every single reindeer they had last year, but you just proved me wrong!

  • melg Love it! I mostly dream about where I would put all these amazing things if we were in a house instead of a condo.

  • MeganHenryPR That sounds lovely! Their throw pillow selection is always on point.

  • WhiteCabana You could totally pull together the best gifts there. A cute little basket, a mug, an adorable card and all the little items you could want. And thank you! I’m so excited by it.

  • Debbie S. That sounds terrifying but also amazing! The holidays are one of my favourite times to shop at HomeSense. A little birdie tells me they’ll definitely have some toasters on hand 🙂

  • veroparisi That’s a fantastic find!

  • samanthakait Story of my life 🙂 such a great place for inspiration!

  • TheGlitterGeek I feel like I need to see this mirror! The mirror selection is always unreal – I found two amazing ones there for our condo.

  • rochlatinsky1 The kitchen stuff…you know I can’t handle it.

  • jaclynmtersigni

    Best thing I ever found was a set of beautiful Turkish towels. As for the small appliance I’d like to buy, a non-wimpy blender!

  • danny devito

    I love HomeSense!  The best thing I ever bought was a Nordicware mini-bundt cake pan; it makes 6 of the cutest little cakes.  I would love to pick-up an immersion blender.  Transferring soups to/from a blender or food processor is SUCH a pain and makes a huge mess most of the time.

  • jaclynmtersigni I recently bought miniature versions to use as hand towels in the bathrooms and would *love* a full-sized set! Great find.  I’m also in the market for a non-wimpy blender – my immersion blender set is just not cutting it anymore!

  • danny devito Oh that sounds adorable! I do love my immersion blender for soups…although it’s my *only* blender so it’s not really cutting it alone anymore! It would be the perfect score for winter.

  • hafs__

    I looooooooooove HomeSense – I’ve gotten a lot of cute one-of-a-kind finds like a book cart for my toddler! I need a fancy new toaster for our new home 🙂

  • inRdream

    Much like you a quick shop at Home Sense ends up being an hour or more of candy for my eyes. I loooooove HS! favorite pieces wall decor! I always find the perfect piece. 

    I’d love to check out a juicer! It is the only small appliance I am lacking in my kitchen. Hot red if they have one! Thanks. BTW, do you usually look so good when you clean? 😉

  • inRdream For the safety of all involved, I avoided my usual leggings-no-bra-t-shirt combo for this blog post lol. We had company the day I forced Mike to take photos for me!

    Word on the street is they definitely have juicers going out to some stores…good luck!

  • SparksTwins

    My favourite steal from HomeSense was a gorgeous brushed chrome nightstand featuring a granite top. It’s a little too industrial for my bedroom so I use it to display a collection of plants and succulents. It does the job beautifully!

  • hafs__ LOVE the one-offs at HomeSense! You definitely need a fancy toaster. Fingers crossed!

  • SparksTwins That sounds beautiful! I’m having a serious succulent moment right now – can’t get enough of them!

  • christinadr

    I found some really good cutlery made in Italy, and the quality is excellent!

  • HayleyTacoma

    I love visiting different HS locations to check out the selections! HomeSense Oakville is a dream U0001f60d

  • spiffykerms

    I actually love getting new fancy looking hand soaps from Home Sense, or little pineapple shaped jars (i’m addicted).

  • fatemazkhan86

    Best thing I found was organic naturally sweetened lollipops. Totally not what I went in for but while waiting to pay for some equally awesome picture frames I spotted them near the checkout.
    That cordless vac would be awesome for the main floor of our house. I loathe having to lug down our big vacume down the stairs.

  • DanielleFloyd

    I have found some really cute little jewellery boxes.
    I would like to buy a kettle.

  • Colleen Cole

    The best thing I ever found was wall art. I absolutely love the metal sculpture that I have in my living room.
    I would want to check out the selection of espresso machines. We could use a new machine.

  • MVMV

    we got some really nice bathroom decor and pillows

  • ChristopherLui

    I hope I find something good!

  • KellyLee905

    I love my living room artwork I bought at Homesense ! Id love to buy a new kettle

  • christinadr Everyone keeps raving about the cutlery! I have to admit, I’ve never looked…

  • HayleyTacoma It’s almost an addiction. When I was on the Great Reindeer Hunt of 2015 I even popped into the one in Belleville when I was visiting a friend!

  • spiffykerms Pineapple shaped jars?! Do you know something I don’t? Those sound delightful!

  • fatemazkhan86 I read a REALLY great article about the food at TJX (same company as HomeSense) and how it’s sourced and it made me give buying food there a second thought. Coles notes: it’s the same stuff you’d find at Williams Sonoma but for a fraction of the cost! I always get suckered in by the goodies near checkout…

    The vaccuum is amazing! good luck 🙂

  • DanielleFloyd I actually received a jewellery box from there as a gift last year! So cute. Good luck 🙂

  • Colleen Cole Their wall art is fantastic! One of my friends has a beautiful elephant painting on her wall that I covet each time I’m over.

  • MVMV I love their soap pumps! Always a great selection.

  • KellyLee905 The wall art is great!  Good luck 🙂

  • RhondaWayGreig

    I got a really sleep floor vase at Homesense. A new coffee maker is in order I think…lol.

  • dalleykt

    I bought a nice set of lamps!!!

  • AmyHeffernan

    My waffle maker. I would love to buy a keurig! Thanks!

  • melzzz

    I bought 6 kate spade dishes and 4 matching bowls for 2 bucks a piece!!!!!!! I am always on the look out for syrups to add to my drinks.

  • Jonnie Hartling

    I hope to find a new toaster oven. My best find at Home Sense has been my bathroom art, hooks and baskets. It all matches and looks great. I’ve had many compliments on the decor of my bathrooms and I always say it’s all thanks to Home Sense..

  • LuckyAtWinning

    I found some really nice bathroom items for my bathroom! Like a shower curtain and towels, ect.

  • glogirl3

    I’ve actually never shopped at a HomeSense store before. The small appliance I would get would be a hot air popcorn maker.

  • FlorenceCochrane

    I found some nice Creme Brulee Dishes, corn holders  and a rack to do chicken on the BBQ. I love to have a new toaster. Homesense is the first place I head when looking for something my home.
    Florence C

  • ChristineMurray

    Awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  • Butterfly_012

    I don’t shop at HomeSense because it’s a 4 hour drive away from me. If I did shop their I would buy a blender.

  • jennymajor84

    i got a very nice duvet!

  • JubleeW

    I bought some great dishes from Homesense.  I’m hoping to buy a new blender.

  • verycutekitties

    I bought some art from Homesense. I’m hoping to buy a kettle