Release your inner artiste at Paintlounge

There are certain things that set off my skepticism receptors pretty much immediately. Usually it’s things like a friend going on a date with a probably-sketchy guy she met online or an email that starts with “so I found this great article about social media I think you should read”. This time it was a text from a friend saying her birthday party this year involved us going painting.

Paintlounge painting party brush - Leopard is a Neutral

Yup, painting. As a group. I remained skeptical (yet still very gung-ho, of course!) of how enjoyable this could possibly be only until I walked through the doors at Paintlounge in Markham. Allow me to preface this by saying I have zero to no artistic ability. While I’ve mastered nail art and the occasional scrapbook along with the drawing of cartoonish cats, it ends there. My stick people are ugly. My artistic anxiety was immediately put at ease by the atmosphere at Paintlounge. Set up into distinct areas – two painting rooms and an area between them that housed both a coffee bar and paint bar, Paintlounge is comfortable in the best of ways.

Leopard is a Neutral - Paintlounge Party coffee bar

Jaime, the birthday girl, had decided that we’d all paint a single large canvas that she could take home with her. If you’re wondering how a group full of twenty-somethings decides what and how to paint in unison, owner Samantha’s got the social painting all figured out. Samantha brought by a book of inspiration for our group to peruse, full of images that we could interpret into our own work of art. We decided on a design full of straight brushstrokes, bright and muted shades of blue, purple and pink on a bright yellow background. You know what they say: the birthday girl must paint the first stroke.

Leopard is a Neutral - Paintlounge Birthday Party - Birthday Girl


We took turns picking out colours, painting, noshing on our snacks (bring your own food for a $5 flat fee) and gossiping as girls do. All of us got into the artistic spirit – even me! I had way more fun than I thought I would – it’s hard not to when you have a paint brush in your hand covered in hot pink paint…and you haven’t been roped into helping your friend paint their living room.

Leopard is a Neutral - Paintlounge party - Stephanie Fusco


Good clean adult fun, ladies & gents. Along the way, Jaime’s friend Hailey and I made the connection that we went to camp together as kids. Can you pick us out of this bunch? Hint: there’s a reason I spent years learning to blowdry my hair into submission.

Paintlounge - BVG Camp reunion

Are you ready for my PS. I Made This moment? Here’s the finished product. It’s pretty awesome, huh?

Paintlounge - finished painting - Leopard is a Neutral


For about $25 apiece, we got to spend three hours together creating something awesome that our wonderful friend the birthday girl got to take home with her. This packs the double punch of activity and birthday gift, too. Oh, we also spotted a really adorable couple on a date. They chose to paint a white heart on a pink/red ombre background. I practically died from the cuteness of it all.

Leopard is a Neutral - Paintlounge Date


If you’re looking for a really fun evening that won’t break the bank – and where you get a really cool take-home item – make the trek out to Paintlounge in Markham. Samantha, the twenty-something owner, let us in on the news that she’d soon be opening a second location in downtown Toronto. Follow Paintlounge on Twitter and like Paintlounge on Facebook to stay up to date with opening news!

Leopard is a Neutral - Paintlounge smock