Saying Thank You

I’ll cut to the chase: I was in a (minor) car accident on Friday. I’d had a great morning meeting with potential wedding vendors and was driving along St. Clair approaching Yonge to begin my hunt for vintage teacups (more on that later) when I was hit from behind at a red light.

Car accident I walked away with a busted bumper and back pain, but the woman in the middle car wasn’t as lucky – she had head trauma & bleeding. Almost immediately after impact, numerous people rushed across the busy street to our aid. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t expecting it. It’s really easy to keep walking, but so many people did the opposite. While I was on the phone with 911 ordering an ambulance for the elderly woman who had been injured in the middle vehicle, the man who had rushed over applied pressure to her bleeding head and kept her calm. He’d taken photos of the incident as well and handed me his card as he left the scene. Over the evening, I thought shooting him an email to say thank you but realized I could do one better.

Starbucks Tweet A Coffee Canada

Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee allows for instant gifting using Twitter. It’s incredibly simple – once  you set up your account, you can begin tweeting $5 coffees immediately! This wasn’t my first time at the Tweet-A-Coffee rodeo – I’ve previously sent congratulatory and birthday Tweet-A-Coffees – but this was the first time I really saw the value vs. the novelty of it. I sent the coffee from my hair appointment the next morning while my mom watched – she thought it was the coolest thing ever and spent the rest of the day telling people about my “internet coffee gift”.

Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

I’m so glad I was able to say thank you to at least one of the people who came to help us in a tangible way. I’m also super-grateful that we were all able to walk away from the incident for the most part. It could have been far worse than it was. If you’re ever in a position to help, please offer to do so. Even offering to call 911 can make a huge difference.

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Glad you’re ok Steph and I hope that lady is ok too! Cool idea about the tweet a coffee – never heard of it before! Can you send it via just email for people not on twitter?

  • brigidtowler

    This is so cool! I’d heard of it but never thought much of it. Such a nice way for that surprise and delight element. 
    Also…. YOU WERE IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND DIDN’T TELL ME?!?!! I’m glad you’re alright.

    So what’s the deal with the vintage tea cups?

  • CPantazis

    stephaniefusco you had an accident?? Hope you’re okay!

  • stephaniefusco

    CPantazis Hit from behind at a red light. Was lucky to be the first car instead of the one in the middle.

  • 1) Glad you’re okay. Accidents are scary. (also, I feel bad for the person in the middle vehicle)
    2) Good on you for tweeting a coffee… So often we forget to be gracious when strangers are kind enough to help us.

  • _SarahFoster

    stephaniefusco That’s a great idea!

  • ejbrooks

    Really glad to hear you are OK, Steph!

  • stephaniefusco

    _SarahFoster I’m really glad I thought to do it! SO easy.

  • TOBeautyReviews  Thanks! I hope she’s alright, too. This only works on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure you can send e-gifts as well from their website.