How well do you know your roast?

I’m a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by their choice in coffee. At Starbucks, the level of personalization available means that’s even more true. I’m a Grande Bold kind of girl or, if I’m going to treat myself, a triple tall lactose-free skinny caramel macchiato (with extra foam, please). Why the Bold? When I was asked that question at a private Starbucks coffee tasting on Tuesday morning, I had no idea. To be completely honest, I probably started drinking it because of the name (hello) and how superbly dark it is.

Starbucks Tasting

New Coffee Passport in hand, I joined fellow Starbucks lovers Zach Bussey, Brock McLaughlin and Jayne Peres for a coffee tasting and pairing (yes, treats) experience. I’ve done wine tastings in the past and this was very similar, minus having to spit out all the deliciousness. There was slurping, though.

I was practically raised on espresso, having been given teaspoons (cucchiaino d’espresso) of the good stuff from age 2, so it’s not entirely surprising that my roast of choice is a dark one. I learned how easy-drinking the Blonde (True North / Veranda) is and how much I really dislike the Pike roast (unless it’s paired with a cinnamon-spiked pastry). I may become a complete coffee snob now and refuse morning pastries unless optimally paired with a specific roast. Just kidding…kind of. Try the blueberry oat bar with a Blonde coffee and then call me crazy.

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Another cool thing we learned: each of these bags contains one pound coffee. See the difference in height between the True North (Blonde) and Tribute (Bold)? That’s because the roasting process causes water to evaporate from the beans, making them lighter. The more you know….

Starbucks is hosting tastings from 2-3 pm March 28 & 29 (and yes, the 27…but it’s too late for that now) where you can experience a new brew – or learn more about your favourite – at participating locations.

Can’t make it out to a tasting? Thanks to our friends at Starbucks, you can win the three pounds of delicious coffee above plus a $25 gift card! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win this wicked caffeinated prize pack.
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  • deptofhighfives

    Grande Americano! Though lately the hazelnut macchiato has been my “treat” drink.

  • spiffykerms

    I have a couple I like to order – all grande’s:

    Green Tea Latte
    Peppermint White Mocha
    or a passion tea lemonade, half sweet light ice with raspberry

  • spiffykerms

    p.s. Can I enter even if I’m in the USA but can send the Starbucks prize to my parents in Newfoundland? A nice surprise for them maybe…?

  • sparklegloss

    Caramel machiatto extra hot!!

  • Vanilla0_o

    I normally go for a Vanilla Earl Grey Tea Latte (ie. London Fog), but we recently bought a french press and it is amazing for coffee!

  • sassygirlcanada

    I usually go for a soy latte with a shot of sugar free hazelnut!

  • hilaryflint

    My favourite drink right now is a venti sugar-free hazelnut latte with soy milk

  • deptofhighfives Loooooove the hazelnut macchiato. Much delicious. Very yum. Wow.

  • spiffykerms Of course 🙂

  • Vanilla0_o LOVE London Fogs. Haven’t had one in far too long – practically lived on them in university.

  • hilaryflint lots of love for hazelnut here!

  • savvymeg

    My normal is a skinny vanilla latte made with soy and an extra shot of espresso, but when I’m feeling an “on-the-move” all day kinda day, I’ll treat myself to a white choclate mocha made with soy. Yum!

  • mroy49

    I’m a Starbucks addict! This would be amazing.

  • rochlatinsky

    my go-to in winter is a grande blonde. summer grande iced coffee. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll get a chai latte

  • meaghanannelucy

    Venti Bold… recipe for morning productivity!

  • magnalicious

    I usually order a Pike brewed coffee – size depends on how tired I am!

  • magnalicious

    I am Maggie K. on the Rafflecopter.

  • YuenCh

    Blonde roast

  • phjoshua

    my usual is a Pike Place, venti in the morning, grande in the afternoon. my treat is a Caramel Macchiato, grande almost always.

  • MrsBubSmith

    mmmm I also love a good London Fog thats my fav

  • nomnombearinyvr

    My usual drink is a grande vanilla latte

  • Skinny vanilla latte! Yum!

  • christinadr

    I usually go for a medium roast coffee

  • Josh S

    Pike Place Roast

  • sgudlaug

    Tall vanilla latte.

  • newfiechick

    Usually Grande Vanilla Latte….love that!

  • AngelaMitchell

    Chai Tea Latte!

  • JeenyusMooby

    I usually get a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte made extra hot : )

  • EldoLai

    Green tea latte

  • Bons

    Green tea or vanilla latte

  • AngelaMarriott

    caramel frappachino

  • Jonnie Hartling

    I love their blonde roast

  • Rebby

    Soy latte!

  • glogirl3

    I’ve never been to a starbucks but would love to try their chai tea late.

  • SS_Summer

    Lately its been the maple macchiato

  • phjoshua

    SS_Summer  I did have 1 of those a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t bad at all.

  • ShaynaDara

    Varies, but usually just a grande Pike.

  • Alexandrina_M

    Decaf Cappuccino is my usual order.


  • 1byspike

    Komodo Dragon!

  • sbabij

    I usually order a skinny vanilla latte  (Soozle)

  • verycutekitties

    green tea latte!

  • Colleen Cole

    I like half sweet Vanilla Lattes.

  • karms

    I like tall blondes…and I am still talking about coffee 😉