Temptress Tricks & Treats with Tempt Cider [review + giveaway]

Happy Halloweek! I feel really really really behind this year – we’ve been so wrapped up in everything engagement + wedding that we’ve barely had a spare second to do anything Halloween-related…including picking out a pumpkin or costumes. We have painted a super-ambitious ceramic haunted house from Michael’s though. Let’s just say it took four of us a few weekends to complete. For the last few years, Mike and I have donned scary masks and gone house-to-house spooking my little cousins and his nonnas since they don’t live too far from him. Last year I attempted to kidnap my youngest cousin Joseph right from his front door (nearly successful), so we’ll have to think of some way to top that this year.

Halloween Ceramic Haunted House

Mike is really obsessed with Halloween for the horror aspect (and the crisp fall air), but my favourite thing about the holiday is the opportunity to find a wicked costume and do fun makeup to go along with it. Many ladies also take the opportunity to unleash their inner temptress, if you will. While my hunting days are over, I will be doing some tempting this Halloween with my new favourite beverage. For the last few years, I’ve been leaning towards ciders instead of beers – it all started with my first Strongbow at the Queen’s Pub. Last week, Meg and I got the chance to try Tempt Cider No. 9 and I may be just a little obsessed. First: the packaging. I want all my adult beverages to come in such a pretty can.

Tempt Cider No 9 Review

Secondly: it’s delicious. This alcoholic cider from Denmark combines the sweetness of strawberries with a subtle hint of lime-y tartness. We compared it to adult Arizona iced tea. Like most ciders, it tastes best over ice. A 330mL can will run you about 200 calories and it’s extremely easy-drinking.

Stephanie Fusco & Megan Siegel Tempt Cider

To help you unleash your inner temptress this Halloween, the team at Tempt Cider has given me a wicked prize pack to share with one lucky LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL reader.

  • A case of Tempt Cider (24 cans – because it’s delicious)
  • A sequinned temptress mask (for Halloweekend fun)
  • A $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret (for all the time fun ;))
  • 2 Tempt Cider branded glasses (should you want to drink out of something other than the gorgeous can)
  • A Tempt Cider iPhone case (to keep all those phone numbers you’re sure to get this Halloween safe)
  • A Tempt Cider chapstick (to get your kisser ready for action)

Tempt Cider Halloween Giveaway LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL

For your chance to win, use the Rafflecopter widget below to like LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL and Tempt Cider on Facebook. For extra entries, leave a comment letting me know why you want to win (or what you’re being for Halloween) and send out a tweet using the Rafflecopter widget. Contest will close on Halloween and all entrants must be of legal drinking age. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • KaQ

    I’m actually in Copenhagen, Denmark for Master’s.  I will definitely have to look that up! 🙂

  • TianaTaglione

    Being toddlers and tiaras with a big group of friends!

    • TianaTaglione Guess who was Honey Boo Boo for Halloween last year? This gal! Yup, I won two contests at work (NBD).

  • KarrieKwong

    Sooooooooooooooo pretty. I never, ever drink ciders, but I totally want to try this one. 
    Also, I’m still trying to figure out for sure what I’m going to dress up as on Thursday.. So unprepared this year!

    • KarrieKwong Next time we get a delicious delivery to the office I’ll give you a call ;). I have no idea what I’m going to wear either. Oops.

  • seagell

    Ahhh I just think it’s so pretty!!!

    • seagell SO PRETTY. And looks so amazing on your little coaster.

  • Jonnie Hartling

    I want to win because I haven’t tried Tempt yet and I could use a trip to Victoria’s Secret!

  • Rebby

    I would love to win just to try this delish sounding cider, AND I’ll be a vampire this year 🙂   RAFFLECOPTER NAME IS REBBY!!

    • Rebby A vampire! Wicked costume. May have to steal that one.

  • sarah_devries13

    I wouldn’t mind a beautiful can replacing my strongbow 🙂 And a wall of those cans would look a hell of a lot better than the collection of beer cars the bf keeps in his mancave

    • sarah_devries13 Infinitely prettier than beer cans 😉

  • MrsBubSmith

    oooh i’d love to win this set because it just looks like pure FUN and you just can’t go wrong!! Also side note: love the new blog name girl! 😉

    • MrsBubSmith It’s 100% fun. We got pretty giddy when these arrived at work. And thank you! It’s been a long time coming.

  • saskmom

    I would love to win because the cider looks so interesting and tasty and the mask looks like so much fun!

  • 20somethinginTO

    I’m going to be Thing 2. And I love their cider!

  • teec

    I was Babydoll from Sucker Punch!  (only because my Sailor Mercury costume didn’t come in on time..)
    Also – HUGE fan of cider, particularly flavoured ones (Rekorderlig Elderflower, anyone?)!!

  • MartinaJW

    I would LOVE to win because I feel like it would be a nice “trick or treat”! I am a new mom with a 6 month old son and I feel like my role this halloween will be to play “Super mom.” So I will wear my home made super mom T, even though I feel like a super mom everyday. But truthfully my son is the focus this year so he is dressing up in three costumes: Buzz Light Year, Super Mom and for bed he is wearing his Skeleton pyjamas! It is always good to have back up costumes for little ones and honestly it is all for the fun of the photo’s and photo shoot we are going to have with him in his costumes!

  • running_cloud

    Thinking of dressing up as Holly Golightly in her Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask 🙂 It’s classy and cozy!

  • LenaJenkins

    Cider that tastes good and looks cute? Count me in!

  • SummerPlewes

    I would love to try this! Sounds delicious and I love new things , I think I am going to be Medusa for Halloween

  • emilymelissabee

    This is a fantastic prize pack. 🙂

  • sbabij

    I am dressing up as a cowgirl for halloween – Soozle

  • rebeccadmartin

    This looks yummy and the design on the cans is gorgeous!

  • Dukster

    This looks so delicious, and as somone who is nearing the end of 9 months sans alcohol, I could use a new beverage!!
    Also, apparently I haven’t been very good at following lately, I didn’t realize you got engaged! Congratulations! That’s fantastic news! xo

    • Jenn_Rich1 Apparently I missed something also! Congratulations to you 😉 This is definitely the perfect gateway beverage back into adult drinks.

  • christinadr

    This looks good! I’m probably going to dress up as a scary doll.

  • SonjaStarke

    I love cider and am always looking for new options!

  • beakholder

    I would love to try Tempt cider and for Halloween I am going to be a zombie! Rafflecopter name – Xing

  • pinkmegs

    I want to win because I love cider and am always looking for new ones to try, and this one looks so delicious! Plus it has such pretty packaging!

  • megharmer1

    I would love to win because I’m a true cider fan (Strongbow, Foundry, Grower’s, Somersby, Thornbury, you name it!) but I have yet to delight my tastebuds with this supposed gem of a cider! Yum!

  • ellepottsie

    I’d love to win because I can’t drink beer (due to gluten intolerance) so I am always looking for a new cider to test out!

    xo Lauren

  • BelindaMcNabb

    I am going to be Cleopatra this year

  • erikakomori

    I’ve always enjoyed the fruity drinks, which is why I rarely have beer, so it would be interesting to try. On Halloween, I will be going to Medieval Times and probably not dressing up this year.

  • Brenda Penton

    I’m being a witch for halloween

  • JulieBolduc

    Im being a clown for Halloween

  • Areta

    Love to try out the cider and I am dressing up as a witch this year.

  • melzzz

    I’m being Bambi the deer for Halloween. I’ll be totally honest, I love drinking cider, this case will be gone in 2 days. VS gift card isn’t too bad either…

  • jen s.

    I’ve never tried Tempt Cider – sounds really good and I love that it has that bit of lime ‘kick’ to it.  Really great prize pack – and the victoria’s secret gift card would be awesome.  thanks & happy halloween!

  • SS_Summer

    Id want to win because what an awesome giveaway – liquor and Victorias Secret are probably my two favorite things (does that sound bad? lol).  Also dressing up as a cowgirl for Halloween!

  • AngelaMarriott

    I want to try Tempt cider, because it sounds delicious, and I love to try new drinks.
    I don’t have a costume yet.

  • JubleeW

    I would love to win because it sounds tasty!

  • AngelaMitchell

    I’m not dressing up this year for Halloween, although I might get talked into being an old fashioned vampire if my daughter has her way.

  • toocutebows

    Because this looks awesome!

  • MissT

    Because I want to try Tempt 🙂

  • VictoriaEhgoetz

    i discovered tempt a few weeks ago and am obsessed! my mom even loves it now. so excited to see you’re doing a giveaway pleeeasse let me win! 🙂 also, doing disney princesses with a friend for halloween this year!

  • magnalicious

    I would like to win because my SIL was drinking this at Thanksgiving and I didn’t get a chance to taste it. Plus, I think that the packaging is so pretty! (Maggie)

  • ArjunRudra1

    Being Ironman for halloween.

  • AndreaAmy

    Would love to win because my husband loves cider, and I don’t dress up but my youngest 3 will be a tiger, a bear in the big blue house and a Calgary Flames hockey player 😀

  • TessaBrown1

    I would love to win because it sounds delicious and is an awesome prize pack!

  • mariab76

    I would love to win as this is an amazing prize pack and i actually have 2 costumes this year, a Vampire and a nurse.

  • travelluna

    I will be a pirate

  • amandaburcul

    John and I went as the pandas from the Toronto Zoo 🙂 We’ll reprise tomorrow when Bea puts on her Nemo costume!

  • BWhitty23

    I am going to be a minion from Despicable me for Halloween:) I would love to win because I have heard great things about tempt cider but haven’t had a chance to try it yet, looks yummy!

  • jenny brooke

    I am going to be Cleopatra this Halloween, which is tomorrow! Excited! Hope it turns out ok! hehe