The best month of the year

You guys, it’s July! AKA the best month of the year. AKA my birth month. Yes, I’m one of those people who’s excited for the full month of my birthday (so sue me).


It’s also Chloe’s birth month! This year we’re turning 5 and 25, respectively. I’m a little freaked out/excited to be reaching the quarter-century mark, as you might imagine. Leading up to my 25th, I’ve got a bunch of giveaways planned (check back this week for the first one) so we can all celebrate together along with some fun (I hope!) content. I’m a Leo – we’re into that sort of thing. I’m also taking theme suggestions for my 25th bash which will, as usual, be a big pool party in my backyard. We may even end up in the pool this year.

Last year’s theme was #PinkPonyParty. Yes, after the John St. video. Don’t know it? Here you go:

I like to think we really made the theme come to life, what with the DIY photobooth and the practically life-size pink pony cake my bestie and I baked.

392300_3689789257703_1496204302_n 208971_3689945101599_1332635589_n

I’m currently working on this year’s theme – any suggestions? Must include: glitter, peonies, pink. Let me know your suggestions in the comments 😉

Cheers to the best month of the year!


xo, Steph.

(Yes, this post was just an excuse to warn you all that my birthday is fast-approaching…and to share last year’s party photos that I never managed to blog…and to crowdsource ideas for my birthday party theme. Bear with me. Give me ideas! Please?)