The best things on the internet are about your period

I’ve noticed a bit of a trend: over the last few years, the things that I love most on the internet are about having your period.

I gushed about OB Tampons Sorry video in 2011 and became more than a little obsessed with Bodyform’s extremely truthful video about what it’s like to have your period last year.

This week, a video emerged that just might top my list. Meet Hello Flo’s Camp Gyno. The service helps to prepare your daughter for her first period, sending her a kit filled with period essentials like a few light& regular Tampax Pearl tampons, enough Always pads and liners to get her through her first cycle and Get Ready Guides for both parents and girls. Oh, they also send you a cute canvas pouch to bring your “supplies” with you (who didn’t have a period pouch in their backpack?!) along with surprise gifts & goodies (read: CHOCOLATE).

FYI: this girl is a real thing. I didn’t go to camp, but I did have a troupe of females and friends with older sisters who just loved to keep us all in the loop. I refuse to refer to my period as The Red Patch of Courage, though ;). Did I mention she also uses the word vagina in the video? I love anything that moves beyond that mysterious blue liquid.

Flo isn’t a one-trick pony, either. HelloFlo also allows you to sign up for monthly packages designed with your cycle in mind (tampon-only, pad-only, organic-only along with customizing to the length & strength of your period. SMART.). The package arrives 5 days before your period is due so you’re never left in high waters without a raft (teehee). Is it wrong that I want this for myself?

The service launches in September 2013 in the United States but the brand gets my serious kudos for building buzz online with this hilariously accurate video during the height of camp season.