The big question: What will happen to Kraft Dinner?

Today, Kraft Foods Inc. announced that it would be rebranding to Mondelez International Inc.

The brand reps explain that the Mondelez name (voted on by employees!) will not be consumer-facing and will only appear on the back of packages. However, it also notes that for items like Philadelphia Cream Cheese they will pay royalties to Kraft for an unannounced period of time before the “Kraft” logo disappears completely from the product. They ascertain that this will be the case for any product currently bearing the Kraft moniker – after a period of time, the product won’t bear the Kraft or Mondelez name.

This begs the question… What will happen to Kraft Dinner?

With so much of the product’s marketing centred on the name (see: “Gotta be KD”), and with the Kraft name actually embedded into the product name, what will they do? What about Kraft Singles?

Is Kraft on the verge of a Gap Inc.-esque, branding-induced consumer meltdown? So many consumers have ties to the Kraft brand, especially with childhood memories of Kraft-filled grilled cheese sandwiches or bender-fueled consumption of KD – will it matter? Will the new Mondelez be forced to forever pay royalties to Kraft for these obviously branded goods, or will consumers forgive and forget?