The Catch-Up

Good morning! It’s time to grab your coffee and settle in for another Catch-Up.

We had a really great weekend: a mix of girl time for me, guy time for Mike and some high-quality vegging together. We re-started Big Love since I never did finish the series and wow are we hooked. It’ll be a struggle to tear ourselves away from the TV this week, but we’re both gearing up for a busy one – I’m teaching a class of grade 8’s financial literacy and career planning on Wednesday and I’m terrified they’ll be little brats like I was 😉

Stephanie Fusco cat kitten Charlie D'Amico

Amy Song of A Song Of Style has reportedly inked a deal with Laura Mercier worth at least 500k. From all the buzz around it, this seems to be a new threshold for a yearlong beauty partnership with limited exclusivity.

More than a few times a week, I find myself rolling my eyes at someone making inane comments about lazy millennials and “your generation”. Now, while I definitely fall into the millennial age range I definitely don’t feel like the stereotypes apply. If you feel the same way, you’ll probably nod your head all the way through this piece on being an aging millennial.

I have a serious girl crush on Buzzfeed’s Kristin Chirirco. Seriously – I can’t get enough of her writing. The piece I identified with most frequently involved her addressing one of my biggest fashion/life fears: visible belly outline. I’ve always had lower-belly pudge and my style is pretty much dedicated to hiding it. She spent a whole week in outfits enhancing her “VBO”. I’m not there yet, but it makes me feel better that she is.

I didn’t expect the Queen’s inner circle to contain such a sasspot, but this feature in the New York Times about the Queen’s personal party planner reveals her to be just that. From her $35 shoes to her best tips for party planning, you’ll want to read this one.

That’s all for this week! xo