The Catch-Up

Hello and welcome to my last week of 27! My birthday has completely sneaked up on me this year and I’m wholly and completely unprepared. Luckily my mom planned a little birthday BBQ for me next Tuesday night and we have some tentative plans to hang out with friends on the long weekend that can evolve into a little celebration.


We spent the weekend with friends, which is really the best day to spend a weekend. On Saturday, the last couple in our group from marriage class got married and we finally got our squad selfie. Take that, Ellen. The other Steph is clearly our selfie queen.


On to this week’s links!

If you’re wondering what turning 28 might look like this year, it’s this amazing flamingo floatie cake. I *need* to make it as I’m having a serious flamingo moment right now, all spurred by the adorable floatie I got in a Dermalogica press send and the flamingo Kate Spade runner my friend Stella picked up for me at Homesense.


As I creep closer to 30, I’ve definitely noticed how my friendships have changed. Even when I look at my friendships before and after our wedding a year ago, it’s a marked difference. This article about how 30 is the decade where friendships disappear is a depressing but necessary look at making and keeping friends after the university years. I brunched with two girlfriends this weekend and we got completely sidetracked on this article. It’s that good.

In this brave new world of Instagram stardom, I feel like we’re often blinded by those with hundreds of thousands of followers – both from a PR perspective and as a reader/follower. But, those numbers come with a lot of trade-offs (usually in authenticity and uniqueness). This solid read on the power of the mid-tier blogger is eye-opening. A big hat tip to Lisa Ng for finding this & sharing it on Facebook!

It’s been another depressing week on the #GTAHouseHunt where we lost out on a gorgeous home by about 200k (coincidentally the same amount of renovations it probably needed). One of my favourite activities is speculating on the housing market – I’m one of those people who is convinced it has to decline at some point soon for a variety of factors. So, with that, I give you this: The year is 2040 and Vancouver’s houses are worth $80-million.

This week on the blog: all the things I told you I’d write about last week but didn’t have the time to do! But, seriously, I spent Sunday afternoon snapping some pics on the fancy schmancy new marble slab my father-in-law sourced for me.