The Catch-Up

Welcome to the second week in August, the kind of week where I post Monday’s blog on Tuesday because I forgot to click “publish” yesterday. Phew! Last week was a pretty exciting one: I took Friday off work so I could attend a special makeup appointment with NARS National Lead Stylist, Gillian Okopny. The highlight of our appointment was learning about the new NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo (see what I did there?), this amazing new double-ended version of their famous The Multiple in complementary highlight/contour shades. I’m into it. I want it. Gillian also had on the most *amazing* lip colour which I quickly purchased (all three parts of it). Stay tuned for more details on that…


After my morning on Bloor, my mom and I hit up Yorkdale for some fall shopping and we were the most successful. See: Cashmere Club Monaco Bow-Back Sweater. Not seen: the copious amounts of makeup I bought at Sephora that morning + the LUSH bath bombs I bought us to soothe our hours-of-shopping-worn bodies.
Club Monaco cashmere sweater with bow backOn Sunday, Mike and I headed up to the 400 Market for some treasure hunting and poutine. Hopefully you caught our adventures on Snapchat! There were so many things I wanted to buy but just don’t have room for. Would any of you be interested in me opening up an Etsy shop? 



Best poutine ontario 400 market

On to the links!

Make this cold-brewed iced coffee tonight and enjoy the fruits of your labour for the rest of the week. I lived off this last summer when I was freelancing and spending way too much money on the nearby Starbucks + Aroma. It’s delicious and it will change your life.

Are you over “lifestyle influencers”? You probably know my answer to this, but if you haven’t yet formed your own opinion, read this piece about whether the days of swag for selfies are numbered. And then read Zach Bussey’s response to the piece. And if you don’t know my answer to this…it’s complicated. But I think that if you’re going to get paid for something, you should probably be able to back it up with something tangible (sales).

I’ve been indulging my need for order and not feeling bad about it at all. Along with Kon-Mari-ing my dresser drawers (and Mike’s) and finding various ways to corral my things, I’ve started experimenting with Bullet Journaling. Now, I’m no artiste, so my pages are not fancy in the slightest, but I get a lot of satisfaction around planning out my weeks and tracking things like my eating habits, favourite parts of the week and upcoming tasks. So far I’m into it.

You’ve probably heard by now that Canadian personal financial guru Gail Van Oxlade is “retiring”. I’ve always been a fan of her shows and (most of) her approach and know I’ll miss her. Thank goodness she’s still doling out the sass on the regular via Twitter! Here are 10 pieces of personal finance wisdom from Gail that just might change your life.

Are you living the Pokemon Go life like I am? This dose of nostalgia has been really fun for me – along with our nightly walks around our neighbourhood, Mike and I have also been exploring other areas of the city. One of the things I’ve found most interesting about the app is how many landmarks I’ve been discovering via the Pokestops. Apparently I’m not the only one – read how Pokemon Go changes the geography of cities.

That’s all for now! Have a great week xo