The Catch-Up

After this past weekend, I have a serious case of the Mondays! We did a double-header of pool nights with Eric & Amanda on Thursday and Friday and we maybe-probably stayed out until 2 AM playing Pokemon Go. It was my first experience seeing people randomly show up a location and rush towards a Pokemon (a Charmander!) and I’m still so blown away by its impact.


We’re having a serious thing with floaties this summer, if you can’t tell. Last summer’s ice cream sandwich floatie purchase has certainly escalated into full-blown obsession.

We celebrated Claire’s bachelorette on Saturday night with dinner at Drake One Fifty (delish!) and chatting the night away at the Drake Hotel Sky Yard. It should come as no surprise that I can’t really share photos…

Bachelorette Party

Last but not least, we had a relative come in from Italy on Saturday night which meant Sunday was a full-day fam fest. We pulled out albums full of the visits his other family members had taken to Toronto and, of course, came across a bunch of gems.


Suffice to say I’m a bit worn out after a weekend like that! I hope yours was just as fun. Now…on to the links!

Feeling stuck? Do you need a dose of #MotivationMonday? Ask yourself these five questions to get unstuck.

If you’re a devotee of Saje (guilty) or tend to spend $60 on cold-pressed juice in one shot (also guilty) you probably have a number of ways to justify your behaviour. But do you ever stop to think how much that wellness life really costs? And if it’s worth it? I won’t spoil the ending, but the article is great.

Speaking of kooky wellness ideas…I’ve always been drawn to crystals but have stopped short of ever buying some for myself. But I was that girl with the secret sparkly rock collection. After wandering into a shop with Mike a few weekends ago, I just might be ready to take the plunge… especially after reading Crystals for Beginners.

Do you love punctuation? I love punctuation. And I especially love ending an angry or “subtly” passive-aggressive text with a period. Because periods are deliberate and final in the texting world – designed to send a message. Modern linguistics agrees.

I love a good glass of wine, but unless I’m attending a big event, you’re unlikely to find me sipping more than one cocktail at a time. I’ve always felt like the minority, but studies are showing that “millennials” are over drinking. Surprised? Read why our generation is choosing a sober lifestyle.