The Catch Up

PSA: Next weekend is the last long weekend of summer. Terrifying, right? That article about how time moves more quickly as you get older is really resonating with me right now. With that said…I’m really ready for fall. Sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, cool weather…come at me!





No visit to the CNE is complete without hunting down our favourite ‘carnie’, my friend Jesse!


We really soaked in that last ‘real’ weekend of summer in the most Toronto ways possible: a trip to the CNE with our friends and our annual Fusco family Jays game adventure! I think we sent Summer 2016 off in a fitting way.


On to the links! 

Last week, it was announced that Advertising Standards Canada would be cracking down on disclosure. Similar to how the FTC operates in the States, ASC will be implementing rules expected early in 2017 that would regulate how those who use social media talk about companies in exchange for compensation of any kind. I’ll share my thoughts on all that sometime this week…

Even though we’ve shifted our focus from the house hunt a bit (fingers crossed for a cool-down!), I’m still enamoured with storage solutions in a big way. Living in a condo means we’ve come up with a number of creative storage solutions and we’re constantly optimizing. I cant’ wait to implement these in a house someday! Thanks to Sara for this link!

Toronto is undergoing a massive retail evolution, which makes this article about the Store Wars in NYC all the more fascinating. It’s no shocker what will make the difference: customer experience and creating loyalty. Link c/o Crystal

That’s all for now! Have a great week xo