The Catch-Up

Happy Monday! We had one of those magical weekends where we had absolutely zero obligations and could extend time with our friends indefinitely. An early morning brunch with our friends Steph & Steve at Lady Marmalade bled into an lazy afternoon on a rooftop patio…followed by dinner at Barque with two other couples. On Sunday, we tested out our green thumbs (plant growth TBD) then spent the rest of the day soaking in the sunshine and enjoying gigantic ice cream cones with Eric & Amanda. Adulting, you guys. It’s awesome.

Enjoy this week’s link catch-up!

Lady Marmalade Brunch - Brie Avocado Eggs Benedict

Let’s talk about top sheets. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely despise them. I’ve been top-sheet free ever since I realized that a duvet-only existence meant a) less tangling in the night and b) less bed-making in the morning. There’a lively debate on the top sheet scam over on GQ and, of course, a rebuttal in support of the top sheet.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve really been getting into YouTube. If you’re watching makeup vlogs & tutorials, it’s impossible not to encounter Gigi Gorgeous, a transgender Mississauga native who’s made it big in the beauty world. This profile on her in The New York Times is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in her rise to fame. It’s fascinating.

If you idolize Adele and have always wondered how to get her classic look, wonder no more. Adele’s makeup artist shared the secrets to her beauty look but be forewarned…it’s a 39-product list.

First Ice Cream of Summer

Summer is coming! Prep for poolside days with a list of 21 wine slushies over at BuzzFeed. I’ll take three of the pink champagne & pomegranate granita, please!

If you can’t read about animals dying without having a breakdown at your desk, stop now. I read this in the privacy of my own living room last week and had all the feels, but this recent Globe & Mail Facts & Arguments piece about learning to let go is a must-read.

If you’re looking for the best beauty products in April, head on over to BeautyEditor for Michelle’s picks – they always send me running to Sephora! If you love luxe polish like I do, you’ll want to check out BeautyGeeks swatches of the latest Dior offerings.

That’s all for now! Check back tomorrow for a peek at my collaboration with Calvin Klein in the latest Globe & Mail Style Advisor.

Have a great week xo