The day the (Christmas) music died

Lock your doors, folks… an angry mob is on the loose.

Around 3pm on Friday, Shoppers Drug Mart announced via their Facebook page that Christmas music would be silenced in-store until further notice. What’s baffling is the catalyst for this event.

Shoppers’ Facebook wall has been inundated with messages ranging from anger that Christmas music is playing before Remembrance Day to outrage that holiday music is playing before December arrives.

Shoppers is not divulging why they made this decision, only stating that it was an internal business decision. I, for one, am curious. I’m also slightly frightened by how the chain bent to the will of the masses. While taking customer feedback to heart is a good business move, this issue hinges on the crossroads of political correctness and holiday marketing. Everyone thinks the retail “holiday season” starts too early, but why kill the music? Will brands be forced to remove holiday paraphernalia from shelves as well?

Food for thought.

One thing’s for certain: Shoppers Drug Mart brought this social media crisis on themselves. The company went from having 10 negative comments regarding the music pre-post to a whopping 2,700+ at time of press.