The Gift Guide: Man Friends

Boys. They’re notoriously hard to buy for. My go-to is always big-ticket items that I know they’ve been wanting or experiences that are too fun to pass up (tickets to a concert or sporting event, racecar driving, staycations). That said, I know I love to open up presents and love gifting useful and yes, exciting, things.

Next up in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide is a round-up of the best gifts for guys.

Holiday Gifts for Guys

Linjer Leather Satchel, $379 (Linjer via IndieGoGo)
Finding a classic man-bag can be tough. Too many briefcases and satchels have an overly-complicated or fussy design and, let’s face it, are crazy-expensive. This stunning, minimalist satchel from start-up Linjer is made of vegetable-tanned leather and isn’t the slightest bit feminine. He’ll love it and you’ll love how it looks on him.

Scratch-off Map, $29.50 (Indigo)
For the guy with wanderlust, get him a token that’ll inspire him and remind him of his travels at the same time. This scratch-off map is the perfect gift for a guy who always has a suitcase packed, even more so when matted and framed (without glass).

MyPakage Boxer Briefs, from $30 (MyPakage)
Apparently these feel like “angels cradling your package all day”. ‘Nuff said, right? These started off as a joke gift (I swore I was seeing the same pair of ratty grey boxers hanging out of my fiance’s pants every day) but now they’re all he’ll wear. I’m told they’re extremely comfortable, wash well and enhance…well, you know.

S’well Bottle, $36.99 (
Whether he’s the type to hit the gym or work long hours, a beautifully-crafted water bottle is a desk-or-gym bag mainstay. Wean him off his Nalgene with this beautiful S’well water bottle. Not only will S’well plant a tree for every bottle purchased from the wood collection, the bottle will also keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12.

Hudson’s Bay Company Multi-Stripe Point Blanket, $495 (Hudson’s Bay Company)
Gifting classic items that’ll never go out of style is always a Do. This cozy blanket is Canadiana at its best – it’ll go with any decor, is unisex, is warm and is iconic. It’s perfect for the guy who’s finally upgrading from his frat house mainstays or for the guy you can’t wait to snuggle up with.

Terroni Peperoncini Piccanti, $9 (Drake General Store)
Hot peppers are the Frank’s Hot Sauce of Italian cuisine – we put that sh*t on everything! These may seem like a strange thing to add to a gift guide but I can promise you won’t be disappointed. While Terroni is a Toronto mainstay, the peppers are the stuff of folklore – one quick peek on Google will tell you all you need to know. Buy him a jar now and prepare to be asked to re-up his supply every Christmas…or month.

Huely Socks Series 02, $20 – $240 (Huely Socks)
Make all the jokes you want about receiving socks & underwear for Christmas, but socks are a sartorial thing. These Canadian-made socks from start-up Huely are art for your feet: each design is created by street artists. Even better: the design he receives will be a surprise for both of you! Huely boxes are blind, meaning you’ll never know which design in a given series you’ll receive until you open it up. Consider this killing a few birds with one stone: art, fashion, cozy socks.


What are you gifting the guys on your list this season? Let me know your suggestions in the comments – I still have a few to buy for!