The Kit’s 1-minute miracles: Q & A with Christine Loureiro [+ giveaway!]

Do you live in search of the next big thing, that beauty product that’s going to change your life, your routine, your outlook on 7 AM? I know I do – that’s how I ended up writing this blog! It also means that I now have cabinets..and shelves..and an armoire full of every type of beauty product. Wouldn’t it be nice if some fairy godmother told you exactly which products were worth the hype and required little-to-no effort to get excited about?

One Minute Miracle products The Kit

The Kit’s 1 Minute Miracle picks do just that: they test upwards of 13,000 products each year in hopes of finding those select few that not only do exactly what they promise to do, but do it quickly and obviously. I sat down with The Kit’s Editor-in-Chief Christine Loureiro to learn more about the process and what exactly makes a product a one minute miracle. Keep reading for your chance to win some of the products!


Q: What makes a product a game-changer?

A: A game-changer does something that’s never been done before – once you try it, there’s no going back. It obviously has to be tailored to your habits or needs – for instance the T3 Twirl [curling iron that spins on its own] blends the quality of a T3 iron with the ability to reach the back of your head.

Q: You try so many things: how do you determine what makes the cut and gets into your makeup bag?

A: Something that works really quickly or where the benefit is immediately clear. When you try a face mask and the moment it touches your skin, you love the way it smells, you love the way it feels. You aren’t fighting or fussing with the product – it immediately does what it says it will and you spend less time than usual.

Q: We’re talking about 1-minute miracles today, but what kind of products are worth the time & effort?

A: Face masks. It feels incredibly efficient to treat your skin while doing your laundry or making dinner. it feels like you’re indulging in self-care but your’e also doing something really nice for your skin!

During my chat with Christine (she’s lovely, by the way!) she also mentioned a few products from The Kit’s picks that I should try ASAP. Namely, Benefit’s brand new Puff Off eye gel, Clinique’s Repair Night-Sculpting Cream and the Suncoat nail polish remover. Challenge accepted!


Some of my favourites:


I received a selection of products from The Kit’s One Minute Miracle picks for review and have gotten right to work on testing them all. A few have really stood out before – make sure you get your hands on these one way or another!

Vasanti Gel Brights Matte Lipstick in Mad Love
This lipstick is so awesome that it might usurp my NARS Audacious Lipstick in the category of favourite formula. The texture is unreal – smooth and comfortable yet with massive staying power. I can’t get enough! 
Aveda Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil
As a shower gel devotee, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this creme cleansing oil. After the first whiff of its lavender, rosemary & bergamot scent, I knew I’d have to try it ASAP. I’m definitely a convert – it lathers like none other & doesn’t strip my skin. I didn’t even need body lotion – a lazy girl win!
Dior Cheek and Lip Glow in Instant Blushing Rosy Tint
OK, while this product was on the list it wasn’t in my package. But I have to tell you about it anyways because I’ve been obsessed since it arrived on my doorstep. This cooling, minty gel wash of colour melts right into your skin and gives the prettiest flush to lips & cheeks. It’s so perfect and so subtle. It’s worth every ounce of praise.

WIN The Kit’s One Minute Miracle picks!

Best One Minute Miracle the Kit beauty


Thanks to our friends at The Kit, I’m giving away a box full of goodies – the same ones I received – to one lucky reader! It’s worth $300 so there’s no better reason to comment, follow & tweet your way to victory! The contest is closing on February 13. Good luck!

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    <a href=””>Northern
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