The Lust List: Holiday Gifts for Guys

Guys, at least the ones in my life, are notoriously hard to buy for. Luckily, I’ve come across a few items that any guy would be crazy not to love. From guy-approved picks to a few finds from my awesome clients and novelty items, you can’t go wrong with these holiday gifts for guys.

1. Cards Against Humanity, $25 – or free! | You can thank games night at my agency for this one. A game for the depraved-at-heart, Cards Against Humanity will make you (or that guy on your list) a hit at your next party. Buy them online or DIY with this free printable PDF. Warning: to be enjoyed in the company of like-minded adults only. You will learn exactly how disturbed your friends are…and love every second.

2. AppFinity AppDrive, $19.99, Toys ‘R Us | For the Android or iPhone user in your life who just can’t get enough gadgets, this gaming device will keep him occupied for hours. This is the kind of client item that the guys around the office can’t keep their hands off of. Check out this awesome video made by my coworkers at Proximity Canada for an idea of how this works. He’ll love it, I promise. (Client)

3. Lululemon Game On Boxer Brief, $24, Lululemon | These have become something of a cult classic with the men in my life. Starting with a forward-thinking cousin who purchased these for her husband, word has traveled among the gentlemen and now they’re all clamouring for a pair. I’m told they’re comfortable and soft yet supportive and the waistband doesn’t cut. Basically, they’re the boxer brief version of Hanky Panky for men. The cute box they come in makes them even more giftable.

4. Beer Making Kit, $49.50, Indigo | This one is self-explanatory. What guy doesn’t want to make his own beer?

5. Marshall Fridge, $399 USD | For the die-hard rock ‘n roll fan or musician in your life, the Marshall Fridge is the ultimate novelty/must-have combo. The love child of a Marshall Amp and a mini-fridge, this fridge is the perfect addition to any man cave or garage band set-up. These will be shipping in early 2013, but I promise he won’t mind the wait. (Client)

What are are you gifting the guys in your life this year?

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Disclosure: this post does not include any affiliate links and none of these items were gifted. Pure & simple, they’re just things I love & think the people on your shopping list will love, too! Some of these items were inspired by my clients at Proximity Canada and have been indicated as such.