The Lust List: TIFF must-haves

Why hello there! It’s nice to see you all again. It’s been a bit quiet around here thanks to the craziness that is the Toronto International Film Festival. One of my clients is a sponsor which means the last few weeks have been mega-crazy in the fun, challenging always-on way that the Festival demands. I kicked the Festival week off with Breakfast at Tiffany (yes, actually) to launch their new Bloor St. W. flagship location – more on that later – and have spent pretty much every minute since living & breathing TIFF.

With so little sleep and so much to do, I’m very grateful to the gold-star products in my beauty arsenal. The Lust List has returned from a far-too-long hiatus so I can share my crazy-week must-haves with you. Dust off your credit cards, guys. It’s about to get real.

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Benefit Rockateur ($36, Sephora) | The newest in Benefit’s line of boxed powders, Rockateur will get you through a tough week the way only rose gold can. This powder blushes, brightens and seems to stay on forever. Sweep it across your cheekbones to give your skin an instant awakening flush.

Vichy Idealia Life SerumAny product that claims to work in 8 days and actually lives up to that standard earns a gold star in my books. Vichy Idealia Life Serum claims to do it all – and does. The pearlescent serum sinks right into skin and immediately refreshes the look and feel of your face. Even on very little sleep, my skin looks more even and rested and has a luminous glow. The best part? It’s efficacy has been clinically proven on skin exposed to extreme life conditions: stress, UV rays, pollution/smoke & an unbalanced diet. Sounds like my week, which means it’s definitely done its job.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($49, Sephora) | For days when I can’t take the risk of looking anything short of fresh as a daisy from 8 AM – well into the next day, I smooth on some of this invisible-yet-full-coverage foundation. Especially during a week like TIFF where you never know when your photo’s about to be taken, it pays to always be prepared in foundation that gives you a soft-focus look. With extreme staying power, you can’t go wrong. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes ($23, Sephora) | Racoon eyes are not your friend when you’re only home to sleep. This waterproof eyeliner stays put all day long, no questions asked. Add a little drama with a slightly winged eye and you can go without shadow – just add mascara.

Skinceuticals AOX+ Eye Gel ($80) | This eye gel works instantly to reduce puffiness and combat signs of fatigue – exactly what the doctor ordered. Of all the eye products I’ve tried on my perpetually dark and puffy circles, this is the only product to make a significant and immediate impact. Layer it on before bed or after washing your face in the morning to fake 8 hours of sleep. This is my Holy Grail of eye products.

Ella’s Botanicals Magic Balm ($15) | This is the little balm that could. From my cracked and blistered feet that never made it past day one of the Festival without becoming scarred to my acetone-ravaged cuticles and wind-chapped lips, this balm soothes them all, and fast. Rub it on pretty much anywhere to soothe pretty much anything. It smells amazing and is locally made here in Ontario to boot.

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System ($215) | Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of pampering. This device helps to deliver product with more than 7,500 gentle micro-massages per minute, allowing serums to be absorbed more deeply and evenly. I use it to help wake up my tired eyes and massage away any residual puffiness. Paired with my Skinceuticals AOX+ Eye Gel, it’s become a favourite part of my routine.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in La Sensuelle ($45, Murale) | Nothing says movie star like the perfect red lips. For the perfect film noir matte red lip, pick up this luxe lipstick that will stay on for hours. Apply 2-3 layers, blotting between coats with a tissue, for super staying power. The best part about this matte? It’s not as drying as others with the same finish. You’ll love pulling this black and gold tube out of your purse. (Looking for a drugstore version? Revlon’s Really Red Matte Lipstick is a fraction of the cost and a brighter, truer red with similar staying-power). 

As awesome as these must-haves are for super-busy weeks like the one I just had, they make excellent additions to your beauty routine any time of the year. Bonus: the skincare products will all improve the quality of your skin over time, perfect for making sure you’re always red carpet-ready. OK, one more bonus – there are a few other things that rounded out my TIFF survival kit that you absolutely must know about:

TIFF survival essentials: 

  • When your shoes still ruin your feet even when you take all precautions, keep a supply of BAND-AID Advance Healing Blister Cushions on hand. They will send those blisters packing and make sure it’s not painful to walk while they heal.
  • Craving all the snacks? Chow down on Special K Popcorn Chips to keep the stress-pounds at bay while still satisfying your cravings. 28 chips are only 120 calories!
  • Event-hopping? Don’t find yourself without battery the second a celeb walks by. Keep a charged external battery like J. Crew’s backup battery in your bag for a little extra juice when your device is on the red. It’ll give you a few extra hours of tweeting power. Mine is printed with adorable shoes – always a conversation starter!

What are your survival essentials?

Disclosure: some of the items in the post were sent for editorial consideration and review. As always, I’m sharing them with you because I love them and think you will, too!