the most fun you can have on a sunny spring day

Some of my friends have really cool jobs. Three of them happen to work at a trampoline company. After months of anticipation, I finally found the time to take a jaunt up to the Springfree Trampoline office for a visit.

Kat wasn’t there, so I made myself comfortable at her desk. (Hi, Kat!)

Because I’m super lady-like, Stella (digital communications coordinator extraordinaire) encouraged me to jump on a Springfree Trampoline in my brand new Kate Spade dress.

See that look of pure glee? Thanks to multiple trampoline spring-induced bloody ankles and bruised knees of my youth, I’ve been more than a little cautious about hopping onto any old trampoline in my old age. Add that fear to a disc injury that left me bedridden for 3 months and turned me into a nervous Nelly and you’ve got a recipe for “trampoline terror”. ¬†Knowing my fears (and having experienced the same crappy-trampoline-causing injuries as a kid)¬†Stella reassured me the Springfree trampoline is a “softer” bounce than other trampolines (see: no unnecessary high-impact and no ricocheting off the tramp) and that I wouldn’t encounter any springs. Duh, it’s called a Springfree Trampoline!

I’m so glad I did! I’ve been on many trampolines in my day, and the Springfree was an entirely new experience. The bounce really was soft! Seeing as this was my first time back on the horse in many years, I was also really appreciative of the safety features Springfree offers, namely the lack of springs (no more ouch!) and the zip-up net without dangerous steel poles to hold it up (I’ve totally catapulted myself off a trampoline before).

I loved every minute on the Springfree. Stella, Kat, Britt…watch out! Your office is dangerously close to my house and you may have a new office pet willing to keep the trampolines warm (me). That, or my neighbours will soon find unsolicited visitors (me, again) in their backyard.

Want a Springfree Trampoline of your very own? Check out the website here.

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