The new Facebook News Feed will look like this

This afternoon, Facebook announced that it will be rolling out a new Facebook news feed. Here’s your first look!

It will be seamless across all formats (desktop, mobile, tablet) and will look like this:

Facebook seamless consistency

The new interface will have the feed take up more real estate than previous versions:

new Faceboko Newsfeed design


The feed will aggregate the popular content your friends post

Co-shared by friends called out

The same goes for when your friends all like the same page/event/photo

Brands on FB - cover photo

Facebook will also do you the favour of aggregating content about your interests and serving them up to you in one place:

Facebook News Feed - Taylor Swift articles about her

Finally, Facebook is allowing you to segregate content, allowing you to peruse the feed as you would read a newspaper – by section. Friends-only, brands-only, photos-only, music-only, specific interest-only, etc are all options

Feed list

What do you think of the changes?

Find out more ab0ut the news feed and put your name on the waiting list.