The Sheen Meme

It’s the law of the internet: do something universally stupid, shocking and off-colour and you’ll likely get your very own meme. (Note: you can also do something unbearably cute, timely or catchy and it could grow legs…but I digress)

Congratulations, Charlie Sheen.  The scandal over the off-the-wagon actor’s recent comments and actions has resulted in a slew of Internet treasures.

Charlie Sheen: LOLsloths
Our friends at BuzzFeed have turned quotes from Sheen’s Today Show interview into a LOLcats-style meme featuring sloths. Here are a couple of my favourites:








Find the whole set here.


Talking Heads

Visit to see a new Sheen quote every time you click on his head. Addictive.


The Mashup

Sheen joins fellow Hollywood quote-kings in this YouTube Mashup.  You know you’ve made it when…


The Hashtag

Charlie Sheen joined Twitter yesterday. Yes, the real Charlie Sheen (it’s a verified account).  His presence has not only inspired a flurry of tweets and retweets, but also a brand new hashtag: #sheenanigans


It’s unclear whether these memes and his newfound Twitter presence will help or hurt his cause in the coming days and weeks.  However, it will certainly be interesting to follow along as the memes spread and Sheen continues to tweet personal photos.  In other news, his publicist has quit. Anyone up for doing his PR?