The Single Girl’s To-Do List: Books, Babes & Chocolat

A few weeks ago, I attended the book launch for Lindsey Kelk’s new book, The Single Girl’s To-Do List. The Harper Collins Canada team held the event at swanky Yorkville venue MoRoCo Chocolat, where we were plied with bubbly, chocolate & tasty treats for a couple hours while mix & mingling with Toronto’s hottest babes. Why is this post so late? Well, you see…my not-so-trusty BlackBerry died after only a couple hours on the job that day and I forgot my camera. Thus, I had to wait for everyone else’s photos (Thanks, Cory!). Oh, there’s also a video. More on that later…

The Book:

I nearly devoured the Single Girl’s To-Do List in a single sitting, but managed to control myself and spread it out over two days. Following the woes and adventures of newly-dumped Rachel, a makeup artist, and her best friends Emelie and Matthew, the book is witty, entertaining and fun. Kelk’s Rachel is immediately likeable, especially paired with her sidekicks: the enabling party girl and the sassy gay boy. Rachel’s ex, Simon, is an easy enemy. Nearly every girl can relate to having that breakup where your ex needs to “find himself” or where it’s over for no reason and they immediately want you back.

The best friend duo create the Single Girl’s To-Do List for Rachel, forcing her to leave her house, confront her fears and have a ton of fun along the way. There isn’t a dull moment, with new hijinks popping up every other page. Every breakup deserves a few flings, and our heroine doesn’t disappoint with crushes including “Mr. bendy yoga instructor, Mr. teenage sweetheart, Mr. persistent ex and Mr. deeply unsuitable”. You’ll see yourself in Rachel and you’ll enjoy every second. This isn’t a heavy read, but it’s absolutely perfect for summer. You’ll pass this on to friends, if only to inspire them to create a Single Girl’s To-Do List for you should you ever find yourself single & angsty. The book will be in stores in early August, but read on for a chance to win a copy!

The Babes:

Author Lindsey Kelk became my new style icon in her glittery dress and nude Louboutins. There’s nothing I admire more than a girl in head-to-toe glitter with a personality to match! She flitted around the party as author-girl-about-town and made best friends with everyone there. My date for the evening was ELLE PR girl Lisa Leveille, the perfect partner in crime.
What I wore: Nanette Lepore Witchy Woman dress, vintage Max Mara leopard print belt, Chloe leather & cork platforms, Marc Jacobs bag 


with @LisaLeveille, @blondeandbronzed & @erinbury in the Globe & Mail!

the beautiful @christineestima & @stilettotwins

Fellow label-lovers @jordanastein & @valtorontogal

Not pictured: lone boy @zachbussey, the dapper @corybeatty, the stunning @em_ingram, media maven @brigidtowler & more

The Chocolat

Let’s just say all the ladies, self included, started squealing with delight as the food was brought out. The cutest miniatures of MoRoCo Chocolat’s signature dishes and desserts were passed around to the group, each bite better than the next. We sampled mac & cheese with the perfect breadcrumb topping & hints of truffle, tasty pizza, spring rolls and a ridiculous amount of desserts. The macarons were not too sweet and had the ideal amount of crunch (I’ll be back for more!) and the mini chocolate cake resulted in satisfied sighs across the room as we all dug in.


[The pizza photo is from I’m Charming You]

And then…

We got interviewed. I said some things that I’m pretty glad didn’t make it to the final cut involving some rash things I’ve done post-breakup. It happens.

To win a copy of Lindsey Kelk’s The Single Girl’s To-Do List, leave a comment telling me one item that would be on your newly-single to-do list. How would you get over the one that got away? (Stumped? Tell me the most ridiculous thing you’ve done after a breakup)

I’ll choose a winner randomly from the comments. Contest will close Tuesday, July 26 (My birthday! Present for you & presents for me!)

  • Amanda Judd

    First thing on my newly-single to-do list would be to get out of town. Kingston’s such a small community and feels much smaller when you’re dealing with stress or heartbreak. I’d need a reminder that the world is bigger than Kingston – even just going to visit friends in Toronto or Montreal would do the trick. 

  • Kelsey Perry Carlsen

    First thing I’d do is go to the barn. I know that I don’t need a prince on a white horse, because my prince is a white horse. I call him Cycan. It’s so great to have a distraction from your troubles – not just a break-up! I find that animals will always give you such unconditional love and affection that its good to be around them when you’re sad; they always make you feel loved!

  • Alina Kulesh

    First thing on my newly-single-to-do list is to get all my girlfriends over with bottle of vino..or two. And reminisce in our adventures in the past–so that we can laugh as hard as possible.  Then, I would write him a “Thank-You” note, focusing on all the good things in the relationship and the things he allowed me to discover about myself while we were together. I would never show this to him, but every time I am feeling down…I would read it and remind myself that the best is yet to come. 

    Oh, and I would play Beyonce’s albums on repeat. No biggie. 

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, Alina! You won! For those wondering, I used to pick a number and 3 was the winner. I’ll contact you to get your mailing info 🙂 

  • I think I would get pretty stereotypical after a breakup! I would likely pick up and go somewhere for a few days, sans technology of any kind, and get a really new (and probably daringly short) haircut at a nice salon wherever I went – which is actually drastic for me as someone who has always had pretty long hair and only travels after pretty intense planning. 🙂 

  • Megan Venner

    I moved to Calgary! Nothing like putting a few provinces between you and the boys that you want to forget! Have to mention that the guy out here that was supposed to be the rebound ended up being the love of my life! 🙂

  • Wow – just made this deadline! And a very happy birthday to you my friend! Were I to be newly dumped, I would get very drunk and have a very good cry with some very good friends… I would then take that opportunity to really spend time with my friends, something that is easily neglected when dating. Then I would work my ass off at my job, get a promotion, buy a sweet condo, get another promotion, and become a movie star.

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