Get your binge on [contest]

Lately, Mike has been playing second fiddle to a guy named Will. I’ve found myself coming up with excuses to stay in bed with Will and encouraging Mike to go out with his friends so I can do so. Will, of course, is Will Gardner from The Good Wife. My name is Stephanie Fusco and I’m a Netflix addict.

I signed up for my Netflix trial last summer to hop onto the Orange is the New Black bandwagon and haven’t looked back. In honour of my completion of 4 full seasons of The Good Wife plus the remaining episodes necessary to catch up to the current season…here are my top 5 shows to Netflix binge on. To facilitate your binge-ing, enter to win a Netflix prize pack including a 6-month Netflix subscription at the end. I’m nothing if not an excellent enabler.

The Good Wife


I’d been watching snippets of The Good Wife on Sunday nights with my dad for quite awhile before I finally decided to bite the bullet and start it on Netflix. As you might have gleaned from the above, I’ve blown through 4 seasons and more in record time. If you love a good legal drama, scandal, politics and extreme sexual tension, you’ll love The Good Wife. There’s a certain satisfaction in starting a series on Netflix and being able to watch it in realtime once you’ve caught up. Or maybe that’s just me….

Dawson’s Creek


There’s something to be said for reliving teenage angst that isn’t your own. I wouldn’t wish re-living high school on anybody, but there’s quite a bit of satisfaction in watching 6 seasons of Dawson’s Creek as an adult. I’d forgotten exactly how angsty the show was but I promise you it’s the best guilty pleasure. I’m happy to share that I’m still firmly on Team Pacey and that I shed a multitude of tears during the finale. All six seasons are on Netflix…you’ve been forewarned.

Orange is the New Black


If you haven’t already watched the first season of Orange is the New Black, now’s the time to start – the second season premieres on Netflix June 6th! It’s hard not to get obsessed with this wickedly funny, female-driven prison dramedy. This show has generated a lot of buzz and for good reason: it’s raw, honest and fantastically dark. I’m also embarrassed to admit that I used to tell people it had “the girl from Clueless AND the girl from That 70’s show AND the guy from American Pie” in the cast. This is untrue – Taylor Schilling is not Alicia Silverstone. But she’s definitely awesome as is the entire cast – it’s stacked in the best of ways.

House of Cards


It took seeing statuses from friends binge-watching the second season of House of Cards for me to sit down and watch the series. Frank Underwood quickly ignited my “Bill Clinton complex”, that is, being inappropriately attracted to dudes who do bad things while in office. House of Cards is dark and twisted in the best of ways, making you root for the most manipulative characters. Also, now I don’t feel like I have to turn in my poli sci major card since I’m back on the grid and able to chat with my peers once again.

Breaking Bad


This critically-acclaimed series is next on my to-watch list, if only so I can be in the loop. I might be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen this show, but now that it’s over I’m going to get down to watching it. I’m starting to feel like the office weirdo who awkwardly laughs at the multitude of Breaking Bad-related goodies around (like bags of blue “drugs”) and pretends to know what’s going on.


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