Queen East Adventuring

When the boys are away, the ladies will play! This past weekend, I had some of my first “alone time” since getting married and promptly filled it all with lady-dates with my friend and pseudo-roomie Lauren. Our man-friends did that thing where one decides to rent a condo in a certain building and the other immediately follows, so we’re only a few floors away from one another at all times!


After a Friday evening carb-and-Minions-fest (more on that another day – we made pizza from 100% scratch!), we decided to walk it off with some Queen E. adventures. It started off with a trip to the Toronto Flower Market and ended with a stop at my most favourite place – Bobbette & Belle’s flagship shop!


Have you been the to the flower market? This was my first time going and oh gosh, I need to get back for every one coming up, please. I was expecting a much larger event and was surprised to see it tucked away beside a car dealership on Queen St. E. I wasn’t expecting such gorgeous blooms and tasty treats to help with the heatwave, though!



The (dairy-free) Blueberry Pie popsicle from The Pop Stand was to die for – it’s a shame my wedding’s passed because I would have loved to have some of this drippy, retro goodness there!

DSC04256 DSC04254

It didn’t take long for me to locate & purchase all the peonies. My favourite flower is just slipping out of season and I was so happy to find such a beautiful bouquet that featured them from La Primavera Farms. I also picked up some deliciously sweet Sweet Peas from florabunda and they’ve been scenting our condo with their loveliness since the weekend. Are you ready for it?


DSC04240[dress – Anthropologie / bow flip flips – Valentino / sunnies – Prada]



We made the 1.5km trek over to Bobbette & Belle for their classic iced coffee and so I could introduce Lauren to their beautiful storefront…and buttery, flaky croissants. We ran into co-owner Allyson and I was so glad to be able to show off some photos from the wedding and the beautiful cake she designed for us. Seriously – go there and buy cake from them. You won’t regret it.


Once we dragged ourselves away from Bobbette & Belle and all the cute vintage and housewares shops that dot Queen St. E., I rushed to find homes for my sweet new blooms. The Oh Joy! for Target (RIP) pitcher I picked up last summer was the perfect home for La Primavera’s bouquet and my crackled white little vase from Indigo housed the sweet peas beautifully.

DSC04268 DSC04270

Aren’t they just stunning? I could stare at them all day, honestly. The next Toronto Flower Market is Saturday, August 11 – see you there! xo