Toronto, you look like you could use a drink: win a $100 giftcard for The Firkin Group of Pubs!

Toronto, you look like you could use a drink.

It’s been a pretty long day, and whether you’re celebrating or drowning your sorrows I’ve got a solution for you.

Remember when I checked out the newly rebranded Firkin Pubs here in Toronto and got to eat all of that delicious food and hang out in their sexy new space and you were jealous?

Be jealous no longer. Our friends at the Firkin Pubs have given me $100 giftcard to give away to one of you, just for being awesome.

Use the gift card to check out any of the newly re-branded locations: Davisville (Bull & Firkin, 1835 Yonge St.), Rosedale (Quail & Firkin, 1055 Yonge St.), York Mills (Goose & Firkin, 1875 Leslie St.) &  Markham (Owl & Firkin, 7181 Woodbine Ave.)

All you have to do: Like us on Facebook + leave a comment below letting me know what you’ll be celebrating at The Firkin. You can like Firkin Pubs on Facebook, follow them on Twitter + tweet this giveaway to get extra entries. Let’s do this:

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Kimberley Ellis! Kim’s winning entry was for following @FirkinPubs on Twitter. A huge thank you to everyone who participated – you rock!

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PS. Kim…I’m awaiting my invitation to join you for a girls’ night at the Firkin 😉

  • CathyCanton

    I would be celebrating getting together with my sister who I never see enough

  • JillChristine14

    I’ll be celebrating my birthday which is this Saturday!

  • western221

    Celebrating the winter holidays

    • @western221 Holidays are a great excuse to celebrate.

  • martignettiadam

    I’ll be celebrating having won an amazing night out for myself and my girlfriend!

    • @martignettiadam I’m sure she’d be celebrating, too!

  • amandaburcul

    Nice and close to home! lol

  • Celebrating life in general. No reason needed!

  • Margaret ODonoghue

    i’d celebrate the fact that i just won $100 of free drinks/food with my gals! wahoo

    • @Margaret ODonoghue Girls’ nights are my favourite. I’m sure they’d be super-appreciative!

  • sassygirlcanada

    I would celebrate another day of being sassy!! 😉

    • @sassygirlcanada Sassy celebrations….sounds amazing to me!

      • sassygirlcanada

        @stephaniefusco sounds good to me, too!!!

  • rrrrojo

    I would celebrate the (near) end of a great semester!

  • donnavitan

    Such a busy season coming up! It’s time to relax with friends and have a pint! Cheers!

    • @donnavitan The new Firkin set-up is definitely a relaxing and fun place to be!

      • donnavitan

        @stephaniefusco I’ve been there before and only recently saw the change of the exterior signage, so it should be time to check out the inside again!

  • loucheryl

    I like you on Facebook and I would be celebrating a great review at work!

    • @loucheryl Thanks for the like and congratulations on a great review!

  • CathyCanton

    like on FB

  • CorySilver

    Been a weird, strange and busy year. I would be celebrating all of that!

  • SummerPlewes

    WE will be celebrating our life together and our blessings

  • KarrieKwong

    Celebrating my “promotion”, hee! Yaaaaaay.

  • AndrewLockhart

    I’d be celebrating some good beer with solid friends.

  • erikakomori

    I would celebrate the holidays!

  • ErinBury

    Hey girl,

  • ErinBury

    Hey girl, if I won I’d celebrate with my best friend, who has a birthday on December 12th and loves a good beverage on a weekend 🙂

    • @ErinBury Sounds like the best kind of reason to celebrate. You have a lucky BFF!

  • KathleenWheeler

    I would celebrate having just won $100 of free drinks!

    • @KathleenWheeler That’s definitely reason to celebrate!

  • VanessaGrillone

    Would love to have dinner and drinks with my sis! Don’t get to see her too often!

  • JamesonHolman

    I will be celebrating the Aggonauts Grey Cup victory at the Firkin amongst friends and locals!

    • @JamesonHolman Second-best reason to celebrate this week 😉

  • WalterHerrera

    Met someone special who’s worked in Canada for about a year. They will leave the country in December to continue their adventurous journey and I’d like to send them off with a good time in a snazzy place! Wouldn’t want to end our chapter without having fun.

  • shann_mitchell

    Hm, I think I shall celebrate… my wedding in January!

  • Colleen Cole

    I will celebrate a few not so quiet moments with my hubby. Time away and no dishes to wash or meal planning! Yeah!!

  • I will be celebrating a night out with my wife. We’ve both been far too busy lately.

  • ginnynotweasley

    I’ll have o buy a round!

  • I will celebrate winning the giftcard! 
    by the way, which location is that in the pic? I want that Union Jack couch!

    • @leftbanked Great reason to celebrate! I’ve only been to the Quail myself, but I’m under the impression that all of the locations have the same sort of decor (and awesome couch). The spaces were designed by the teams at  Mackay Wong – aren’t they wicked?

  • DarrinChung

    I’d celebrate my sisters birthday

  • choonkitng

    5 Year anniversary with my girlfriend

    • @choonkitng That’s definitely something to celebrate. Wow!

  • MrsBubSmith

    1st year anniversary!!! @stephaniefusco

    • @MrsBubSmith Congratulations! What an awesome thing to celebrate.

      • MrsBubSmith

         thanks!! 🙂

  • sassygirlcanada

    I will be celebrating being sassy…and sharing with friends!

  • th3hungrycat

    I will celebrate friendship and laughter with my friends!

  • kevinjn

    It wouldn’t let me leave a comment via the widget, so here’ s my entry the old-fashioned way: 
    How and what and why I would celebrate
    An entry by Kevin J Naulls 
    I moaned quietly. It was Saturday afternoon and my room smelled of the kind of love you only see on aggregated amateur porn websites. I was hungry, and in love. The man next to me, Francois, is lying motionless, as if to conserve energy lost, while I writhe in hunger. It has been 7 long hours of watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD, and 30 seconds of passion. It’s the kind of Saturday you dream about as a pre-teen watching sex for the first time in the local park down the street. Those couples always seemed to pack it up and go, and I always knew the reason for hiking their pants and underwear in such fury was a need for sustenance, and not as a counter-measure to any kind of embarrassment. At least that is what I’ve always believed. 
    Francois grows impatient, asking when he’ll be able to sample the cuisine of the city, and I ask him to wait patiently as I enter a contest on the Internet that will take us to a place where food is plentiful. (I should mention that we met at a Bulk Barn—our eyes met while we poured powdered cheese into clear plastic bags.) He groans, grabbing his empty belly, and I do the same. Of course we could just pay to go to a restaurant, but there’s something so sexy about writing about your tawdry weekend in hopes of it earning you $100 worth of pub food. 
    Francois grew impatient. He took back what he said about loving me, and moved back to the south of France. Now the only thing that could fill this void is a dinner (and drinks) at the new Firkin. I can’t think of anything else that would leave me as satisfied as those 7 hours and 30 seconds on what was the perfect Saturday. 
    Until then, we’ll always have Bulk Barn.

    • @kevinjn I wish Rafflecopter chose winners based on creativity. You have my vote, Kevin. That left me breathless.

  • TaylorNVFerri

    My friends and I call ourselves the Firkin Friends, can you tell we hang out there way too much. We’ll celebrating just because we can! @Enreeks89 @MikeeB83

  • TaylorNVFerri

    My friends and I call ourselves the Firkin Friends, can you tell we hang out there way too much. We’ll be celebrating just because we can! @Enreeks89 @MikeeB83

  • summerxskin

    Can’t wait to eat poutine, seriously, they have the best kind ever. Yum yum.

  • brendamarie

    I’ll be celebrating my boyfriend of two years getting to meet my best friend of twelve years and her new fiancé! One of our favourite bands is having a one time reunion show, and we will also be touring the steam whistle plant the same weekend! I just gave my two weeks notice at work after nearly five years to start something new and exciting! A 100$ gift card would buy quite a few glasses to cheers and celebrate a whole BUNCH of things!

  • steffimindorff

    I’ll be celebrating my birthday!

  • Kdodge

    I’ll be celebrating with a much needed ladies night!

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  • hulkcarter

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