Honeymoon Diaries: Nice, France


Nearly two months ago today, we set out on our European honeymoon. We gave ourselves a few days to decompress post-wedding, giving us time to visit our families and read every one of the over 250 wedding cards we received. Yes, we read every single one – and loved it. Our 7+ hour flight to Frankfurt and then Nice was more than a little tumultuous – no bueno for my husband, the nervous flier.

Pearson International - Stephanie Fusco Honeymoon

Flight over Alps - Nice Honeymoon

My dad upgraded our seats to business class for the flight – part wedding gift, part him being nervous about my back issues flaring up – which made the rocky flight just a little better. But, let’s just say we were 100% ready to be on solid ground….even if the view of the Alps was totally worth it. Speaking of worth it: this view. Starting our honeymoon in Nice was one of our best ideas yet!


After checking in to the Hyatt Regency Palais de la Mediterranee, we headed off to explore the city. Our first order of business: crepes. Nutella, of course. The first of many.

Crepes in Nice - Stephanie Fusco

We didn’t plan to do anything aside from relax and roam in Nice, something I’d definitely recommend…especially for a honeymoon. We wandered, lay on the (extremely pebbly) beach and consumed pastry and all the steak frites. So worth it.


Fountains in Nice

Stephanie Fusco Michael D'Amico Nice Honeymoon

DSC03283 DSC03279 DSC03239 Boulangerie Nice pastries


Beach by day, beach by night. These perfect, striped parasols were the most picturesque. We took advantage of the French drinking laws almost every night, rocks be damned.

Stephanie Fusco Michael D'Amico Honeymoon

Wine, fresh bread, lots of butter, seafood and onion soup. Oh, and fresh wedding bling for the both of us!

Our favourite part of Nice, by far, was the flower market. Marche aux Fleurs Cours Saleya was exactly the experience I’d been hoping for in the South of France. We wandered over in the morning and were immediately taken by the fresh soaps, paintings and the most beautiful flowers I’d ever seen.

Nice Flower Market - Honeymoon - Stephanie Fusco Marche aux Fleurs Nice DSC03243We picked up dozens of these intoxicatingly-scented French soaps for our family & friends, only to have them tip our luggage over the weight limits on the way home. Completely worth it.

DSC03245A work in progress from the street artist we purchased an oil painting from.

DSC03267 DSC03265

The peonies my new hubby purchased for me were the source of something of an obsession for the rest of our trip. I called down for an ice bucket once we got back to the hotel and we watched them bloom for the next four days. I was so disappointed to leave them behind, but don’t worry…I took a lot of photos.

Peonies Marche Aux Fleurs Stephanie Fusco Nice Flower Market most beautiful peonies DSC03482 DSC03481 DSC03464

We can’t wait to get back to the South of France. Along with a quick visit to Monaco (more on that in the next post!), we took a drive to Antibes to meet friends for dinner by the ocean. In the middle of what was basically a monsoon. But the food was entirely worth it! Definitely visit Le Cesar in Antibes if you’re planning a trip nearby.

Stay tuned for more honeymoon diaries in the next few weeks! xo