Valerie Stachurski’s Charming Empire

One of the best perks from being active in social media has been the opportunity to meet, befriend and surround myself with successful, bright and beautiful ladies. I can’t remember the first time noticed Val on Twitter, but I remember thinking, “who does this chick think she is in her huge-ass hat?” and mentally writing her off.

Fast-forward a few months to the HarperCollins Canada book launch for Lindsey Kelk’s The Single Girl’s To-Do List. Val, Louis Vuitton tote, drink and camera in hand, was corralling other bloggers and social media personalities around a private room in MoRoCo Chocolat and snapping photos for her blog. I could tell Val was a force to be reckoned with.

Last month, she proved me right (again). Having already gained a huge presence and readership with her blog, I’m Charming You, Valerie added to her burgeoning empire with Charming Dealights, an online deal site. Leveraging the relationships she’s already built with brands (and inviting her blogger friends to do the same), Charming Dealights seeks to provide Val’s readers with the same opportunities she is privy to, allowing them to try out awesome brands.

Showing her knowledge of the industry, Val explained, “Brands will eventually stop dumping free products on bloggers if they don’t start seeing any ROI. I want to be one step ahead and offer brands a new way of engaging with my blog readers, as well as put my money where my mouth is by trying to live up to this “influencer” status that I seem to be under. Is my influence strong enough to get people to make actual purchases? We will certainly see.”

Breaking the current pattern of the relationship between brands and bloggers is certainly a tall order, but one I have no doubt Val can contribute to. As a PR pro, I’m always on the lookout for bloggers (like Val) who treat their platform like journalists would – with fair, accurate and engaging content (and without falling prey to being bought). I have no doubt Valerie’s reputation will translate into ever-increasing success – especially with the transparency she’s offering with her business model. This serial entrepreneur has proved time and again that she has the knowledge, passion and sheer will to succeed and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, too? Some advice:

“Don’t expect to be rich or successful overnight and SAVE YOUR MONEY. The biggest mistake I ever made was blowing all my money when things were flush. The entrepreneurial lifestyle is all about peaks and valleys, meaning sometimes cash is flowing and other times, its not there at all. It is important to save, save, save when things are good so in quieter, building periods, you have something to see you through. Effective money management is the only way to be a success when you are an entrepreneur.”  – Valerie Stachurski, Charming Media

Want to get in on the action? This week’s deal is for Arbonne’s Made in the Shade Self-Tanner with SPF 15.