Vine launches vanity URLS & full web experience

In a move that’s been long awaited, today Twitter launched a full web experience for its popular 6-second video-sharing app, Vine.

The change brings all of the features of the app to desktop, including profiles, feeds and the ability to like, comment and re-vine. Along with these mainstays, Vine for web also includes a super-cool feature called TV mode.

Vine Custom Vanity URL - Stephanie Fusco

TV mode allows users to watch a continuous flow of their feed in full-screen. It’s pretty awesome: once you enable it, you can click through videos or just let the Vines flow on by. It’s a passive experience that manages to suck you in. While I love scrolling down a feed rife with options, this full-screen autoplay mode encouraged me to watch even more videos than usual.

Vine TV Mode desktop

With Vine’s web experience launching, the addition of vanity URLs has become even more important. Now would be a good time to head over to Vine on desktop to reserve your (or your clients’) vanity URLs – the option’s been there since Dec. 23, 2013. It’s a super-simple process and the app seems to have some safeguards in place to prevent users from squatting on or stealing URLs that are not their own. Thank you, Vine!

Vine Custom Vanity URL How To

The system will automatically provide users with a few options, one with periods and one without. I was given the option of Stephanie.Fusco and StephanieFusco automatically.

This move to web will no doubt make Vine an even bigger player in the 2014 social game. I gained a new appreciation for the platform when working on the Harvey’s Copyright campaign (check out our Vine burgers at and can’t wait to incorporate it into more social strategy this year.

Will you watch more Vine videos now that there’s a web experience?