Life wisdom: if you can get through a long engagement with your significant other, you’re definitely ready to get married. Seriously – there’s a lot of stuff to do and it’s stressful. But more on that later! It’s been awhile since my last wedding update so this Wedding Wednesday is dedicated to a little recap of what we’re up to 9 months out. But first…

10699222_10202702224631132_942521581_n 10705098_10202702224671133_1617906022_n 10685283_10202702224751135_1761001571_nIn the midst of a weekend of whirlwind wedding appointments, we got to take a break to celebrate the engagement of one of my favourite couples, Brigid & Matt! They had the loveliest engagement party thrown in an Oakville backyard, complete with twinkly lights, great friends, mac & cheese, a naked cake, donuts…and a s’mores bar. A couple after my own heart. I’m so excited for these two and have loved planning our wedding alongside Brigid.

OK, time for a wedding recap:

what’s going on right now:

9 months out feels pretty good! We’re celebrating our fourth anniversary today and will be taking our engagement photos at the end of the month. I’m mostly absorbed in finding inspiration for the florals and tablescapes right now, along with planning how we’ll style the engagement shoot. We’ll be taking some of our photos at the Distillery District since that’s where our first photo as a couple was taken (during Nuit Blanche! *note: this is a post from the *next* year, not the original photo) and are on the hunt for the perfect wooded secondary location.

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There’s also been a bit of excitement around the bachelorette recently! My MOH Amanda and one of my best girls Stella have been planning away with the bridesmaids and my other close friends and rumour is they’ve come to a decision. I’m completely in the dark for the bachelorette plans which is pretty exciting – I’m always the planner, never the plannee (not a real word, but it works…right?). I can’t wait to see what they have planned in May!

bridezilla level: 

Moderate to Low. I definitely have my moments (and drive my coworkers crazy with incessant wedding babble), but things haven’t reached critical peak in awhile. Since most of our vendors have been booked (more on that later) I’m feeling the weight lifting a bit. But I will admit: I’ve been on the emotional and sometimes crazy side. I had a lot of expectations for wedding planning, namely that since I love planning events I would love planning our big day. Negative – it’s so different when you’re so emotionally invested in every single decision. I have gotten to the point where I can figure out which things I care about and which I’m wiling to delegate to my Mom, though. Small victories? Mike and I have been making sure to do things that don’t involve the wedding to give us both a break, like TIFF and a trip out to Niagara with his parents that involved him cajoling me into buying a hat along with him.

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Choosing the dress was the best thing that has happened to the planning process – everything else can now complement it and it is setting the tone for the event. I’m still leaning towards blush, gold and ivory with accents of navy blue.

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We’re killing it on the vendor front: we’ve booked all of our vendors except for the day-of planner, invitations, sweets and the photobooth! The good news: we have estimates for all of the remaining vendors and will be done with all of our bookings by October. We also met with our priest over the weekend to finalize some ceremony details, book our rehearsal and sign up for marriage classes. They start in January, so get excited for a recap 😉

Photographer: Mike Caringi of 5ive15ifteen // Videographer: Images Weddings // Linens: Have a Seat // Band: Soular // Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo // Bridesmaid Dresses: White Toronto // Florals: Gatto Flowers

what’s next?

The next items on my plate are choosing florals, other decor, sweets! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shoes for nearly a year and I’m hopeful the holiday collections will bring the pair I’ve been dreaming of. We’re aiming to have most of the decisions made by end of October so I’m really looking forward to some relaxation!

I’m also getting serious about my skincare and weight loss now that the wedding is creeping up. I’ll be heading to Dermalogica’s Toronto HQ for a skin assessment and some treatments on the 26th. It’s time to whip my skin into shape!

My mission for you: have you seen any awesome wedding shoes that I should take a peek at? Leave me a link below!

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