How to: whip your skin into shape

It’s the nightmare that doesn’t end once you become an adult: a big event is on the way and bam! you wake up with a massive pimple. Although my skin is generally pretty good, it has a nasty habit of flaring up before a big event. Couple that with my doubly nasty habit of being unable to leave a pimple, blackhead or scab alone and you’ve got a recipe for bridal disaster.

how to get your skin into shape before an event

In my quest to finally end that nightmare and give my skin the attention and care it deserves, I spent an hour on Amanda of the International Dermal Institute in Toronto’s table for a treatment and to talk all things skincare.  The good news: you only need three to six months to fix up your face! Keep reading for her top tips + the products I’ve been using to whip my skin into shape!

Stephanie Fusco's Bridal Skincare regime

I’ve always tried to be consistent with my skincare but it never quite stuck until my treatment & consultation with Amanda at Dermalogica. I think it was the absolute glowing state of my skin when I hopped off her table that convinced me to keep it up – girl knows what she’s doing! I’ve never had a better treatment and boy was I relieved to hear I could turn my skin around in 6 months or less. Click through the slides below to learn how to put your best face forward for your big day!

Best skincare products for brides - dermalogicaBack to Basics

Consistency is key when whipping your skin into shape. Go for a three-step cleanse/exfoliate/tone routine capped off with your favourite moisturizer. Yes, even a toner. Following this routine suggested by Amanda has changed my skin in the best way. Let’s be honest, here – sometimes I forget (or don’t have time) to exfoliate, but I always make room for the other two steps plus drenching my face in moisture. What I love best about the Dermalogica products I’ve been using for the past 6 months is how incredibly gentle, soothing and skin-transforming they are. If you’re looking to start a new skincare routine, definitely pick up the ultracalming cleanser, daily microfoliant (a cult favourite!) and my obsession, the antioxidant hydramist.

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