Weekly Enabler Report

Spring is definitely in the air here in Toronto! The rising temps are exciting, but they don’t seem like they’re here to stay just yet, unfortunately. That hasn’t stopped me from getting into the ultimate spring mood: a little bit of spring cleaning, lightening my hair and focusing on all things feel-good in anticipation of sunshine. If you need a little nudge in a spring-y direction, this week’s picks are sure to do the trick.

Weekly Enabler Report Stephanie Fusco March
La Vie En Rose Aqua Beach Bag

is the colourful, smile-inducing beach bag of your come-soon,-summer! dreams. It has all the elements of a perfect beach bag: handles long enough to sling over your shoulders, a zippered closure and zipped inner pocket and the cutest pineapple and mint striped motif. I’ve only made it as far as a barre class with this bag, but I have high hopes for it. Mostly involving cottages and sandy beaches.

Saje Natural Wellness Best Diffuser Oil Blends
Saje Natural Wellness Diffuser Blends

are something I’ve been a bit addicted to since I first discovered the brand. I’ve always been a bit of an aromatherapy nut, but something about this brand just speaks to me. I was on a bit of a diffuser blend hiatus after Charlie broke my gorgeous gold aromaGem Diffuser, but I’m back in action with a new plastic diffuser. These three blends are the ones I reach for most often and are especially great for spring. Liquid Sunshine brings the happy, Quick Study helps me to focus and there’s nothing like Tranquility to knock a gal out and impart relaxation. It might feel a bit kooky at first, but embrace it. These blends rock.

Kevin Murphy Re Store Review Weekly Enabler Report
Kevin Murphy Re.Store

is a “cleansing conditioning” treatment that will transform your hair. It’s essentially a 2-in-1 with a burst of superfood proteins meant to reconstruct damaged hair. Used in the place of shampoo and conditioner once or twice per week and left on for a few minutes, Re.Store will make your hair look & feel amazing. It sounds incredibly gimmicky, but trust me when I say it works. I noticed improved texture after a single wash!

The Knot Dr. PhD

effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair without snagging. I love how it effortlessly glides through my hair, giving a pain-free detangling experience. When brushing out next-day curls, it leaves them soft & shiny without destroying the style. A quick once-over with a smoothing lotion and I’m out the door.

Bag All canvas grosgrain bags Stephanie Fusco

Bag-all Organizing Bags

are an adorable addiction. These printed canvas bags are tied with a grosgrain ribbon and come in variations from the small purse-sized catch-all I purchased above to ones large enough for your dirty laundry. I picked up the medium wash-me bag for traveling (and our master bath) and another “dog stuff” bag for Chloe. Next up: the full travel set. Because who can resist cute organizational goodies?

That’s all for now! Which of these must-haves is on your shopping list this week? xo