Weekly Enabler Report

Friday couldn’t come quickly enough this week. It’s been a pretty stressful one and I’m more than happy to be spending tonight curled up in bed with The Good Wife on Netflix. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m on Season 2 and only started about a week ago…oops. This week’s crop of indulgences are pretty wallet-friendly and are guaranteed to make your smile and perk you up after a long week.

Zara Short Printed Jacket

Zara Short Printed Jacket tweed

Ladylike jackets have been on my shopping list two weeks running now, and for good reason. As we transition from cooler weather to our favourite Canadian hot-and-cold climate, having a lightweight topper is more than necessary. This red & white number from Zara has a Chanel feel on, well, a Zara budget. It looks adorable on top of pants or jeans but is also the perfect length for a skirt. Find it online or in stores for $54.90


Keds for Kate Spade Polka Dot Keds for Kate Spade patent cork Taylor Swift for Keds polka dot

I haven’t worn sneakers outside of the gym in, um, probably ever. OK – that’s probably a bit of a lie since I definitely wore my fair share of Keds as a kid, but I haven’t purchased a pair in close to 20 years. That’s all changed thanks to Taylor Swift and Kate Spade’s collaboration with the brand. I’m still kicking myself for not picking up last year’s gold polka dot Kate Spade Keds, so I doubled up by purchasing both the Kate Spade for Keds cork & patent sneakers (middle, $89) and Taylor Swift for Keds Champion Dot (bottom, $59) at Town Shoes. They’re extremely comfortable and I promise that you will have trouble picking just one pair.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm & Lacquer Balm

Revlon Colourburst matte balm lacquer balm

You can buy happiness and it’s only $9.99. These Revlon Colorburst balms have become some of my favourite lip products. Not only is the price right – the formula is fantastic.They go on smoothly, don’t dry out your lips and last a really long time. I love both the Matte & Lacquer formulas, but I’m loving the Lacquer Balm in Vivacious most – it’s the perfect shiny pink for spring/summer. Full disclosure: some of the lacquer balms have sparkles in them and feel a bit gritty. They’re not my favourite.

Kate Spade File Folders

Kate Spade file folders

Yes, more Kate Spade. What can I say – I’m powerless in the face of gold, dots, stripes and anything girlishly twee. It’s also not exactly helpful to have a work friend who is equally obsessed with said things and trolls Indigo on the regular for them (you know who you are ;)). These add a little dose of pretty to your probably otherwise bland desk. I’m on the hunt for a cute file folder (acrylic, perhaps?) for my home office so I can justify these. Pick up a 6 pack of these gold dot file folders for $16 at Indigo. Psst – they also come in striped!

Sephora Instant Depuffing Eye Mask

Sephora Instant Depuffing Eye Mask review

Happy allergy/migraine season, guys! I don’t know about you, but my eyes are constantly puffy this time of the year. This instant depuffing eye mask is exactly that – instantly depuffing. It’s a really relaxing experience akin to putting cucumbers over your eyes…but with better effect. The cloth/gel combo mask comes out of the package cold – yes, really – and sticks to your skin without slipping & sliding around. You can lay back & relax without worrying about ruining your sheets or hair. My only gripe is that I wish they sold these in bulk. Get this cooling, soothing mask for only $7 at Sephora.


Happy weekend! What do you have planned? I’ll be at the Jays game tomorrow with Mike and one of our favourite couples – my bridesmaid/former roomie Bridget and her boyfriend Jeff. Wearing my new Keds, naturally. In case you were wondering how I justified that purchase…. 😉