Weekly Enabler Report

It’s been an interesting week full of miscommunication, pretty lippie and, yes, more wedding duties. I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally locked down a band and will probably be booking our photographer in the very near future – hooray! Few things make me happier than crossing items off my (mega-long) to-do list. I’ve already done a fair bit of enabling thanks to this post about Etsy & Indigo’s collaboration, but here are five more items
you’ll probably want to pick up immediately.


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa Review

A few weeks ago, I told you about my experiences at the Vichy Skin Health Centre in Toronto and how excited I was to try out my prescribed products. Well, this week a bunch arrived and while I haven’t had a chance to give them all a try I’ve become more than a little obsessed with this “soothing spa sleeping mask“. A bunch of my blogger buddies have been raving about this magical blue gel for months, but I finally understand the hype. You smooth on a layer before bed and let it sit for 15 minutes before rubbing it in and bam! you magically wake up with plumper, smoother, soothed & moisturized skin. My dehydrated skin feels supple, hydrated and smooth and I credit this sleeping mask for its recent success. It retails for about $44, but you can also use it as a regular evening moisturiser so it’s doubly useful for the price. Give it a try! PS. the fact that this is my favourite Tiffany blue shade does not make me biased at all….

David’s Tea Buddha’s Blend

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.57.27 PM

With only a few weeks to go until my Luxe Shopping Experiences dress hunting adventure, I’ve reverted to a mostly-paleo diet in hopes of dropping a few LBS pre-appointments. One of my fill-the-void tricks? This delicate white tea from David’s Tea that smells like Fuzzy Peaches. It’s a mix of white & green tea with jasmine pearls and white hibiscus blossoms and it’s heavenly. Get 100g and a free tin for $21.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen Nail Strips Review Swatch

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured these genius nail polish strips on the blog, but I’ve re-ignited my love for them with this amazing Sweet Marble Florets pattern. Essentially, Sally Hansen managed to turn real nail polish into easy-to-apply strips. Unlike most other similar products on the market, these are not stickers – they won’t peel off or bubble and they feel just like regular polish on the nails. They’re a cinch to apply and I find they last longer than regular polish for me. I’m also partial to the Kitty, Kitty style (leopard print, of course!). These are perfect for when you want to do your nails but don’t want to mess around with bottles of polish or drying time.

Gold Moroccan Poufs

My favourite bloggers are the ones who take the time to tell their followers and readers where their self-discovered finds actually come from. I’ve been eyeing these faux leather gold Moroccan poufs on Krystin Lee of Suburban Faux-Pas’ Instagram for months now. I’m almost ready to bite the bullet and order. She was kind enough to share that she purchased them via the Marauthentics shop on Etsy. Get two for about $169 (you’ll have to stuff them yourself).

Clarisonic Luxe High Performance Brush Head Collection

Clarisonic Luxe High Performance Brush Head Review

As promised in my beauty resolutions for 2015, I’m back on the Clarisonic train in a big way. My skin always looks so much better when I’m consistent with my sonic cleansing. I’ve swapped out my usual brush head for the Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Facial Brush Head and I’m loving the soft, luxurious feel of the bristles. It feels more like a facial than a deep clean, so I was skeptical at first…until I noticed my skin “purging” even more than it had when I first got the system. The brush head also provides a serious lather while promising to “generate fluid forces to cleanse six times better than hands alone while simultaneously increasing skin’s natural hydration levels“. If you want to upgrade your skincare experience, definitely give these brushes a try.