Weekly Enabler Report

Fake Friday = your weekly enabler report a whole day early. This week’s round-up is Easter-themed, full of delicious egg-shaped goodies, pastels and whimsy. This might also be the most economical enabler report yet – all of the items are under $100!


Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robin

Leopard Is A Neutral - Deborah Lippmann Rockin' Robin - spring nail polish

If you’re looking for the perfect spring polish, Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robin from last year’s Staccato collection is it. The perfect robin’s egg blue punctuated with matte circular glitter, it is a dimensional shade that reminds me of equal parts Easter eggs and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Pick it up for $22 at Murale, Holt Renfrew and anywhere else Deborah Lippmann products are sold.

Ferrero Rocher Easter chocolate

Ferrero Rocher Easter

Full disclosure: I’m not much of a chocolate lover. Yes, I realize this means I will probably have to check my lady-stereotype card at the door, but I’d much rather chew on something sweet & sour/gummy (I have a well-documented love of penny candy) or salty (mmm chips) if I’m being naughty. Ferrero Rocher are usually the exception (along with anything containing caramel). The new Ferrero Hazelnut & Cocoa Eggs might just be my new favourite treat. These eggs are crispy bite-size deliciousness with a creamy centre. Essentially they hit all the bases. I’ve been on the hunt for some to replace the (quickly-depleted) stash I received from the PR reps.

424 Fifth Satin Birdcage Skirt

424 fifth satin birdcage skirt

After stalking this skirt for quite some time, it’s finally on sale at The Bay for $90.30 and, thus, finally mine. It seems like every fashion blogger in Toronto already has one of these light-as-air, figure-flattering statement skirts (good job, PR!) but that didn’t stop me from wanting one really really badly. I almost took the plunge after the official 424 Fifth launch at Hudson’s Bay a few weeks ago but knew the Bay Days would be on my side soon enough. My blogger buddy Jenny from Crazy Style Love was kind enough to alert me when it went on sale and now I’m paying it forward. Buy it! It’s lovely. I also have the exact bag and shoes she’s wearing in her style post featuring this skirt so expect some creepy doppleganger photos from me soon. Probably this weekend, since it’s the perfect Easter skirt.

Easter Egg Nests

Easter Egg Nest Dessert - Abigail Keeso

I do a lot of enabling around here, but sometimes I’m the one who’s (easily) enabled. A certain Easter-themed post by Abigail Keeso (usually my healthy-eating Sherpa) has left me dreaming of these crunchy, marshmallow-y treats. Head over to her blog for the recipe for these adorable Easter Egg Nests.

Decorative Bird Nest

Easter Nest - Decorative - Indigo

I haven’t dyed Easter eggs in years, but after spotting this adorable decorative nest at Indigo last week I’m clamouring to do so. If there were enough hours in the day, I’d make gold foiled eggs a la Martha Stewart or paint gold and pink stripes on a bunch and call it a day. In all likelihood, this little nest will probably hold tons of chocolate eggs if it ever makes it into my home. At $12.50, buying this nest is a much smarter (and kinder!) choice than trying to steal one from the mama bird outside your window.


Which of these will you be adding to your long-weekend shopping list? Any big plans for the long weekend? Mike and I will be doing the holiday family juggle, attempting to see everyone. I’m mostly excited for the food and to wear my new skirt!