Weekly Enabler Report

It should come as no surprise that I spent the first few warm days of this “spring” we’ve been having out and about on shopping adventures. There’s something about sunshine that screams ice cream…and new clothes. I’ve been making myself a promise to only buy things I *need* for the next little while and have taped up a little list of items to find in my room. So far, I’ve been pretty good at sticking to it! Here are four new must-buys and one delicious must-try.

The perfect summer jeans

Anthropologie Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been searching for the perfect summer jeans for a long time. My must-haves? A lighter-than-usual wash (I usually go for super-dark jeans), comfy stretch and a lightweight fabric for the heat. These Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans ($138) from Anthropologie fit the bill in a big way – so much so that my mom ran out to buy a pair after seeing them on me yesterday.

A warm-weather dress topper

Field Flower Crochet Dress Topper

While I love my J. Brand denim jacket, I often find myself searching for a secondary option when it comes to something comfortable and versatile to pair with a dress. This Field Flower by Wendi Reed Crocheted Dress Topper ($108) also from Anthropologie pairs a classic but in-style floral motif with a structured-yet-comfortable open knit. I love that this is fancy enough to class up a casual dress but also doesn’t feel too formal thanks to the non-fussy flowers. It’s also the absolute perfect length to be incredibly flattering on top of dresses. It hits right at the natural waist and is accommodating to all bust sizes, making it a must-buy.

A whimsical-but-sophisticated tee

424 Fifth Mesh Dot Tee

Bay Days were my friend last week – I picked up this 424 Fifth Mesh Dot Tee ($49) that I’d been eyeing for awhile in both white and black on the day they were 50% off. 2-for-1 = the happiest Steph. I love that this tee combines the whimsy of polka dots with the sophistication of fashion-forward mesh. It looks great on top of jeans for a casual look but also pairs gorgeously with a high-waisted skirt or dress pants and a blazer.

Every eyeshadow shade you’ll ever need

NARS Narsissist Eye Shadow Palette Review

In case you’re concerned that I don’t fall prey to my own enabling, let this rest my case. During a blogger event at Holts last week for NARS, they casually mentioned that they’d just re-stocked the covetable NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette ($85) and only had a couple left. It should come as no surprise that I ran over after work to pick up one of my very own. With 15 of NARS most versatile shades, this eyeshadow palette may just be the only one you ever need. I’ve been playing with it every day since my purchase and couldn’t be happier. NARS is one of my favourite makeup brands and I’ve always loved their long-wearing, silky, blendable shadows.

The best ice cream sandwich ever


Full disclosure: Harvey’s is a client of mine. This means that I’ve been waiting literally months for this pop-tart ice cream sandwich to hit stores. After making the announcement last week that they were in stores, I knew it wouldn’t be long before my cravings got the best of me. I cracked Sunday night and it was the best $2.10 I’ve ever spent. The frozen pop-tart gets all chewy and delicious and the whole thing is just so summery and fun. Eat it. Do yourself a favour.



  • sarimb

    stephaniefusco LOVE that polka dot tee. may have to stop at the bay on my way home..

  • stephaniefusco

    sarimb It’s super cute! I wore the black one on Friday with a skirt + the white one yesterday w/ jeans and a blazer 🙂

  • sarimb

    stephaniefusco i was debating which colour, but what the heck… both!

  • stephaniefusco

    sarimb They often go on sale, so if you can wait….

  • linerglttrgloss

    Seriously, why did you have to share that ice cream sandwich before I go to Vegas… Now I’m feeling the need to go to Harvey’s. Enabler!!

  • spiffykerms

    I wonder if there’s a Harvey’s in the usa….I’d assume so.

  • spiffykerms No! 🙁 Canadian only. You can probably DIY this but the ice cream used is unreal.

  • linerglttrgloss It’s worth it! But it will also be here when you get back 😉

  • erinbury

    stephaniefusco OMG I WANT THAT. Did you know that jasegiles eats two Pop Tarts every morning? An adult eating 2 a day. Crazy.

  • stephaniefusco

    erinbury jasegiles Nothing wrong with that… I’ve been meaning to make them from scratch 😉

  • jasegiles

    stephaniefusco erinbury hey have you ever tried to et a bowl of cereal while driving? Pop tarts are much easier.

  • sarimb

    stephaniefusco got them both! they were on a 30% off rack (although i dont think they were suppose to be.. oh well 🙂

  • MichelleMLittle

    Oooh – great pics!  Makes me want to head straight to Anthropologie and the Nars counter!