Weekly Enabler Report

I’m pretty sure I complained about the weird weather during the real Canadian “long weekend”, but I am ready to take it back thanks to the perfect weekend we had on the real May 2-4. Bright, sunny, summer-like weather made it the perfect weekend for seeing my girlfriends, antiquing and throwing our first BBQ pool party of the season (complete with Cards Against Humanity and every expansion pack ever)! This week’s picks highlight summer entertaining must-haves, your next perfect polish shade and the coolest thing you’d probably never think to buy but should. There’s a bonus at the end, too: my favourite shoes ever are on sale! Get excited.

Takeya Iced Tea Pitcher

Davids Tea Summer 2014 3-in-1 pitcher

I innocently wandered into David’s Tea to peruse the new Summer tea collection and walked out with not only two of the new summer teas but also a spunky pink & orange iced tea pitcher. It happens. This little pitcher is perfect for summer entertaining not only because of it’s punchy shades and slim fridge-door-fitting physique but also because it brews the perfect portions of iced tea in less than 10 minutes. You simply spoon an obscene amount of tea (8 perfect spoonfuls) into the detachable filter (not shown), fill half the pitcher with hot water (98 degrees, please!) and allow it to steep for 4-7 minutes. Once the timer beeps, pull out the filter, fill the rest of the pitcher with ice, secure the top & shake. Ta-da! Iced tea! Pretty & functional is my favourite combination. This adorable and hard-working pitcher retails for $24.50. And yes, you’ll want to pick up the just peachy tea to go with it. Unreal.

Oh Joy for Target Condiment Caddy

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.49.36 PMFull disclosure: this is definitely one of those items you’ll buy because it’s adorable and then probably never use but look at almost every day because it’s the cutest thing ever. At $12, you can afford this tiny adorable luxury. These condiment bottles & carrier from Oh Joy’s latest collection for Target are so precious that I couldn’t not buy them, even though I’ll probably never sully their pristine, neon interiors with actual condiments. Pick ’em up at Target. I won’t be held responsible if you also pick up numerous other items from the collection….I did.

Essie Summer 2014: Urban Jungle

Essie Summer 2014 Urban Jungle Swatch Review Best Bridal Polish

Every shade in Essie’s Summer 2014 collection (full swatches & review coming soon!) is stunning, but I gravitated towards this polish initially because it looks white in the bottle and it’s a trend I’ve always been interested in but never been able to execute. When I caught a peek at this in the light, I realized that it’s actually the perfect “blush-y white”. Essie more eloquently describes it as an “alabaster orchid” shade. In layman’s terms, this is a polish that looks white in the bottle but applies with a pinky/purple finish that looks as lovely on my super-pale skin as it will on more tanned beauties. This is, hands down, my favourite polish of the moment.

Yedi Heart Cups & Saucers

Heart-shaped teacups

When I spotted these on Indigo’s Instagram they inspired a flurry of online shopping activity. I essentially purchased them the second I saw them with zero remorse or second thought. Adorable heart-shaped saucers edged in gold plus teacups with gold handles and heart-shaped insides = best purchase ever. They’re whimsical without being embarrassingly or un-usably so – imagine how cute they’d be for a tea party with your best girls or as a pick-me-up on a Monday morning. Are you sold yet? Pick up a set of 6 for yourself for $60 at Indigo.

The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Products

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It started off with an innocent trip into The Body Shop on Saturday afternoon to pick up some tea tree oil for a persistent…shall we say boil… right between my eyes. Yes, this sucker was so intense that it depleted my stores of my must-have pimple-fighting product. It ended with me falling prey to the Buy 3 get 3 Free scheme. Not that I’m complaining. Along with my must-haves, I picked up two items from the Peppermint line that I now won’t be able to live without this summer. First you scrub the grime away with the Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub (usually $14, currently $7) and experience the magical cooling powers of peppermint oil…and then you take it one step further with the Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray (usually $10, currently $5!). Your tootsies will tingle in the best way. I used this after a full-day adventure with my fave gal Stella where we traipsed through the dusty Aberfoyle Antique Market in flip flips. My feet were begging for a good scrub but this made climbing between cool sheets that much more awesome at the end of the day. Do it.

ON SALE:Tory Burch Kendrick Loafers


This isn’t this perfect pair of loafers’ first time on the blog. I bought my first pair..and then my second… at Tory Burch a year or two ago and have been wearing them a few times each week since. They’re honestly the most comfortable loafers I’ve ever owned and they’re so versatile – I wear them as often with dress pants as I do with jeans and causal pants. The best part of all of this is that these usually-$300+ loafers are on sale at the Tory Burch store at Toronto Premium Outlets for about $199! I picked them up in red this weekend. Definitely worth the drive.